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My name is Shane Trusty and I am the owner of the As Seen On TV Blog. I wanted to share with you some of the details of how I do business on my site and how my site makes money.

The As Seen On TV Blog makes money by something called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where a person gets paid a commission for recommending or promoting a product or service. In my case, I usually make money when a person clicks on a link for one of the As Seen On TV products that I write about.

Now one of the things that differentiates me from other marketers is that I am committed to honesty when I write about the products I find. If I don’t care much for an item, I’ll be the first to tell you so. (However, I’m still an As Seen On TV fan boy, so am less inclined to write about products that are crappy unless they are REALLY crappy!)

In some cases, a product that I find will still be in it’s testing phase so I will include a link to search sites like amazon.com or walmart.com to find a similar product.

I do not sell any As Seen On TV products directly. When you click to make an order you are going to the official merchant’s website, amazon.com or walmart.com. I do not have any control over the order, shipping, customer service, or returns. However, I try to include as much of this information as possible for each product so you can make solid purchasing decisions.

I stand behind every review I write, but do not assume any liability for products purchased outside of asseenontvblog.net.

If you have any other questions about how we make money on the site fell free to get in touch with me using our contact page.

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Shane Trusty
Owner of the As Seen On TV Blog