Easy Freezy Commercial

The Easy Freezy Is No Longer Available For Purchase. However, You Can Shop For Similar Products By Clicking Here.

Easy Freezy

Just when you thought it was safe to start your summer, along comes another contender in the frozen summer drink category. Thats right, now the adults can get in on the fun with the Easy Freezy Cup! The Easy Freezy is a cup with a re freezable core that allows you put in your favorite drink and make a cold tasty treat that can’t be beat!

When you order the Easy Freezy you get 4 cups plus the free recipe guide. (Imagine mixing in yogurt and fruit to make a healthy frozen treat!) This looks to be a great item and we will be giving it a full review once we get our hands on it!

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241 comments on “Easy Freezy Commercial
  1. EpicChipd says:

    0:43 Since when was orange juice considered food?

  2. veronikapaz1 says:

    what if you stir past a sip-able consistency

  3. 0wen bartlet says:

    does it use liquid nitrogen?

  4. FNP9OpenCarry says:

    I think you mean “you” ma’am.

  5. karen henriquez says:


  6. karen henriquez says:

    lol yea

  7. TroyanBerry says:

    “your kids don’t want to eat”yeah i wouldn’t EAT orange juice either

  8. Kohaku Sueda says:

    That song…

  9. TheLafarouch says:

    At the beach and your hot go in the god dam water!

  10. lexy cantrell says:

    lol they cant EAT orange juice

  11. trinsmom353 says:

    I saw this on vat19.com

  12. dan laesu says:

    follow the money :)

  13. Jena Cullen says:

    His voice reminds me of barney

  14. Jasmine Webb says:

    0:56 happy over a cup

  15. KawaiiAgCollectors says:

    i have squeeze freezy

  16. Bunbun Bunny says:

    0:05 is that Jake short? ????

  17. helen tran says:


  18. Emily v. says:

    Stupid song

  19. daneil963 says:

    @Emily v. I agree.

  20. Dana Dumaplin says:


  21. Kylie Gomez says:

    yes i can finally comment

  22. lelechim says:

    “healthy juice”? juice is full of sugar. just give your kids fruit so at least they’re getting the fiber

  23. PiccoTerra says:

    and? is it any good?

  24. Minecraftisforgirls says:

    ….I’ve seen something like this from Vat19 …i think i’ll get one from there

  25. roseal88 says:

    Aweome i want to buy like that too

  26. KawaiiAgCollectors says:


  27. Reanna Mari says:


  28. KataWolf says:

    0:46 OH GAWD is that kid ugly

  29. katie via says:

    Not being mean but it said that we can use anything to make I was just thinking can we put chicken rice in it?

  30. katie via says:

    Ikr I’m so dump

  31. guitariscool17 says:


  32. 0HAMI says:

    finally watched all of these……..

  33. Dana Dumaplin says:

    Vat19 is better with ads

  34. lucylovesmoustaches says:

    Dat song…

  35. Amber Karim says:

    i want this, but im in london not america!!

  36. Jenni Stypayhorlikson says:


  37. Benita Flores says:

    Everything in this channel is so cool!!!

  38. Mona Aha says:

    Is that Barney in the voice over? Sup nigga…not going so good huh?

  39. HoodedSonadow64 says:

    This looks better than Slushy Magic. I got the Slushy Magic and It was a piece of shit, It didn’t even work. WHAT HAPPENED TO COMMERCIALS THAT WEREN’T FILLED WITH BS!

  40. mmb102004 says:

    It looks like a slushy mug from Vat19

  41. Najma Jama says:

    When it couldn’t get any better, a jingle came on. My life is complete.

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