Easy View HD Is The Amazing Fast Flip Down Glare Blocker That Blocks Sun And Glare In A Split Second!

Easy View HD Glare Shield Product Review

    The Product: Easy View HD Glare Shield

    The Promise: The amazing fast flip down glare blocker that blocks sun and glare in a split second!

    The Price: $25.90 for 2 Easy View HD’s with 2 sun diffusers. (WI residents should expect sales tax.)

If you are a regular As Seen On TV Blog reader, you’ll know that I’m already a big fan of yellow tinted driving glasses already. However, one of the problem’s I still run into is having to fumble around to put them on if there is a sudden glare or bad weather. My wife on the other hand, thinks that HD glasses just look silly. So when our order arrived to check out the Easy View HD we were ready to give them a try!

As you might have already guessed, the Easy View HD is essentially a large strip of the yellow tinted plastic that they make HD Vision glasses with that clips onto your existing visor on your vehicle. Simply slide the Easy View HD on and flip it down any time the sun or glare is bothering you.

Another nice feature of the Easy View HD is the sliding high density sun diffuser. Just slide it to wherever the sun is and it reduces the glare even further as well as keeping you from being blinded!

When purchased from the Easy View HD website you get 2 Easy View HD’s and 2 sun diffusing slides for $10.00 + $7.95 S&P + and additional $7.95 S&P for a grand total of $25.90. (Please ensure you only order “1” during checkout to get the Easy View at the price mentioned.)

The only downside we found when using the Easy View HD was that the plastic was a bit thinner than what we expected. It’s still sturdy enough, but it will bend a bit when flipping down after it has been sitting in the sun all day.

All in all we really enjoyed trying out the Easy View HD. It made blocking the glare from the sun much easier than just a regular sun shade and as my wife stated, “You won’t look like a dork while doing it!”

What are YOUR thoughts about the Easy View HD glare shield? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


  1. YoZgatBoi

    Or just wear sunglasses to look half as stupid.

  2. tigershark132

    1. They’re called sunglasses.2. Why the fuck does it have to be HD? Does it improve my view on the world?

  3. Alondra Valdez

    I mean me personally would rather just by cheap sunglasses instead

  4. Regan Daniels

    Some people can’t wear sunglasses cause they already wear glasses and can’t afford transition glasses or don’t want contacts. Ever think of that.

  5. Dillan Makay

    The video isn’t really HD…

  6. Huh

  7. gvi341984

    Oh shit this thing looks awesome

  8. nintendoatarikiller

    More white people problems.

  9. DarkPatro56

    What’s with that “HD” in recent products of this kind? What am I will be watching in 1920×1080 resolution by using these “HD” products?

  10. Emily Huang

    Cant you just wear sunglasses??

  11. icecream11425

    Idea! Wear sunglasses and save like $5 & shipping

  12. “I drive my kids from school every afternoon directly into the sun”. Somehow, I think she’s lying to us.

  13. jamesmare86

    Awesome product!

  14. twingo famemonster

    Have these people heard of sunglasses?

  15. William Graves

    It doesn’t look cool, but I’d rather put the visor down in like a second instead of fumbling for sunglasses for like 10 seconds while driving.

  16. anotheruzrname24get

    Thank you for the sunglasses suggestion. I will have to try it. ……sigh Hopefully you can get to your sunglasses while driving.I also have not invested in prescription sunglasses yet. I can not attach the clip on thingies while driving blinded by the sun.

  17. Doughnut forget that the shield can also be used to dim the occasional car bright lights of idiots approaching at night. Und, since they are attached to the visor, can be used to dim sunlish from your left which some times the visor is too high to block, und sunglasses cannot block while you are looking ahead.

    Ain’t seen no mention that these have UV protection, as sunglasses usually do, which would be important looking into the sun. So, these may be more for an emergency when you doughnut have time to don shades or you ain’t got your shades wit’cha.

  18. Joanne Kerns

    I placed an order for easyview on their website about
    1 week ago and now we can not get a order status or even get anyone to answer the phone there to find out about the order.
    Also about 2 weeks earlier my mother said she called and placed
    a order with them by phone which she never received either.

    We are starting to feel as though we have been ripped off and
    that they have use of our credit card info for any reason now.

    If anyone has had the same problem and knows how to get a hold
    of easyview or how I can get my money back please reply to
    the email above.

    thanks, J. kerns

  19. Don Murray

    My order#T0120968 arrived, but with only unit. What happened to the other free on? I’ve tried to call, but can’t get through.


  20. Guy E Grafton

    I beta tested the Easy View HD for a few days. It is proven effective for Day & Night driving. The tint is at a proper level (not too light or dark) to interfere with driving. Don’t prefer the sun diffuser, for it seems to be more distractive (it can be removed.) The only thing I see is that being acrylic, it is slightly refective ( i could see my rear windshield driving forward looking through the visor). The only improvemnt I would recommend is making the visor anti-reflective.

  21. want to purchase easy view HD sun shade

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