Eggies Review

Eggies 30 Second Review

Eggies System Today we give our honest 30 second review of the Eggies System. Eggies are plastic egg shaped containers that allow you to enjoy hard boiled eggs without the shell. Simply fill each Eggie with egg whites, yolks, or both and boil like a regular egg. Eggies cook with a flat bottom, making serving a breeze. When purchased, one receives 6 Eggies and a bonus egg slicer.

Eggies Pros

  • No More Hassling With Those Nasty EggShells!

  • Add Your Seasoning Before You Cook!

  • Eggies Are Dishwasher Safe.

  • Eggies Cons

  • Eggies must be oiled before using for the first time.

  • Some people actually like to peel the shells off of eggs.

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    152 comments on “Eggies Review
    1. Kitty Collinson says:

      I wonder if How To Basic uses this

    2. sabbatdark says:

      Jesus Christ, has that woman never peeled and egg before?

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