EZ Eyes Computer Keyboard Review



EZ Eyes can be purchased at www.getezeyes.com or click here to shop for similar products.

EZ Eyes Keyboard Review

EZ Eyes Review Is the tiny type on your computer keyboard keeping you from using your computer? Aggravated that your vision is keeping you from enjoying communication online with your loved ones? Then the EZ Eyes Keyboard is for you!

The EZ Eyes is a large print keyboard that makes typing easy again. It’s letters are a full 4 times the size of a regular keyboard and the high contrast yellow of the keys makes it even easier to see. We found that the As Seen On TV offer of this product was a great value compared to similar products that we found on amazon.com.

EZ Eyes Pros

  • EZ Eyes was incredibly easy to see. The large print and contrasting color made typing much easier.

  • Ez Eyes worked great right out of the box, with minimal set up. It was nice that it works for Mac and PC computers.

  • EZ Eyes was surprisingly spill proof. I spilled some coffee on the keyboard while testing and it rolled right off the keyboard!

  • EZ Eyes Cons

  • The keys on the EZ Eyes felt a little different then our regular keypad as far as the feel of the keys went. It wasn’t bad, just different. After about an hour of use, we were unable to notice the difference.

  • Does EZ Eyes really work or is it a scam?

    EZ Eyes worked great for us. Not only did we test it ourselves, but we tested it with our family members with diminished vision and they absolutely LOVED IT!

    EZ Eyes Guarantee

    EZ Eyes comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling)

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    11 comments on “EZ Eyes Computer Keyboard Review
    1. pbkcdc says:

      [..YouTube..] It’s just so damn exciting I want to poo my pants!

    2. pbkcdc says:

      It’s just so damn exciting I want to poo my pants!

    3. [..YouTube..] i just did…worth it!!!!!

    4. HowDaddyIsDoing says:

      i just did…worth it!!!!!

    5. bernice kozinski says:

      perchased keyboard and 2 months later on one side all keys were worn off, i contacted company and they basically told me unless i had box, all materials , receipt and pint blood they couldnt help me….hope the few dollars you saved by not replacing it was worth

    6. 843cliff says:

      Keyboard is trash new out of the box…shift and ctrl keys didn’t work!

    7. ripster5555 says:

      Your video is now featured at REDDIT@_@~!!/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/120nzu/how_do_i_keyboard_stolen_from_rwheredidthesodago/

    8. HankinoEX says:


    9. dogmonsterk9 says:

      Why would I want to buy this for like $15, when my local dollar store sells it for $3!!

    10. Windows035 says:

      Keep in mind that the keyboard cannot accept more than three key inputs at a time. I don’t recommend it for gaming computers.

    11. Steve C says:

      The letters being big and the numbers is great but the black letters on the yellow keys are fading and its only been used for 3 months. So all in all, NOT GOOD!

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