EZ Glass Leaves You Streak Free And Lint Free Every Time!




EZ Glass Product Information

The World’s First Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth!

EZ Glass™ cloth is perfect for phones tablets, or any computer or TV screen. One wipe and they are like new!
With just a simple wipe, EZ Glass™ cloth erases all those messes off your windows, mirrors, computers and tablets without harsh chemicals! The beauty is in our streak free, polyamide formulation that has thousands of gentile cleaning fibers that not only wipe away the mess, but also cleans the streaks that ordinary microfibers or paper towels leave behind, giving you that perfect clean every time! You can supercharge your EZ Glass™ cloth with the power of water! Add just a dab and you can now break down those dried on, caked on messes. From you fridge to your stove top, with no lint and no streaking! Use it over and over again for days, then recharge by simply throwing it in the wash. So say goodbye to the paper towels and harsh chemicals that leave behind a streaky cloudy mess. EZ Glass™ cloth cleans up the competition!

EZ Glass™ Cloth Features
• 6 large EZ Glass™ cloths
• 6 small EZ Glass™ cloths
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Lint and streak free
• Clean windows, TVs, computer and phone screens, mirrors and more!
• Wash and reuse time after time
• No harsh chemicals
• Rinse and reuse
• Washable
• No more wasting money on paper towels

Don’t Miss this Limited Time Opportunity!
Order today and you’ll receive 3 large EZ Glass™ cloths and 3 small EZ Glass™ cloths for just $10 plus $7.95 p&h and get a second set FREE!* just pay separate $7.95 p&h.

Taxes may apply. Canada, AK, GU, HI, PR & VI residents add $10.00 surcharge. Continental U.S., AK, GU, HI, PR, VI & Canada orders only. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have your information. All products have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee (Minus P&H).

What are YOUR thoughts about EZ Glass? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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14 comments on “EZ Glass Leaves You Streak Free And Lint Free Every Time!
  1. icecream11425 says:


  2. DarkPatro56 says:

    Grass is green too.

  3. Garrus Vakarian says:


  4. tonyantonio2 says:

    fuck you

  5. trololomosher says:

    His parents hated him so much that they named him “Beau”

  6. simlover00 says:

    this is not worth it. i get my glass and mirrors strek free by wiping with scrunched up newspaper. it works a treat :)

  7. Dana Dumaplin says:

    Old people these days

  8. We use these wipes to clean our monitor and video screens, which they are great for. They are a great size to take when traveling for laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc.

  9. geral spiee says:


  10. N E Mng says:

    What the hell was trying to get into that fridge!?!

  11. Diego Martinez says:

    all it is is a towel

  12. WatchingOctopus says:

    Did anyone else notice that with the other stuff, they barely touched the glass, but with the EZ Glass, they pushing it harder than a truck going at 100 MPH

  13. DuoSigma says:

    “leaving streaks is even worse!” how about you stop using your cum rag to wipe the windows?

  14. lovelylamp says:

    I hate when asseenomtv copies vat19

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