Finger Charger Commercial As Seen On TV



Here are some excerpts about the Finger Charger straight from the official Telebrands Finger Charger website…

Finger Charger is the new compact back up battery USB that quickly recharges your devices! Just plug it in to any phone and it will go from dead, to ready to use instead! The Finger Charger is lightweight, about the size of your finger and quickly chargers cell phones, tablets, cameras, gaming systems and more right when you need it most. It’s that easy! Finger Charger quickly transfers all of its powerful lithium ion energy directly into your phone so it’s restored with power for the rest of the day. This portable charger helps to avoid problems when traveling, during power outages, camping, or just everyday family use. Finger Charger is fully rechargeable so you can rely on it over and over again, and it stays charged for up to 10 months! Keep one in your purse, briefcase, glove box, backpack, anywhere you may need emergency backup power. And best of all, the universal adapter is guaranteed to work with your phone, tablet, game system, camera & more! Never get stuck with a dead cell phone battery again with the Finger Charger!
Today only, you get Finger Charger for just $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. We’ll also add the special offer second Finger Charger just pay a separate fee of $9.99. That’s two Finger Charger’s for an incredible low price.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Finger Charger? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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26 comments on “Finger Charger Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. NoWhereman4444 says:

    Why don’t they just charge their phone before leaving?

  2. jumpstyleftw says:

    listening to music on an iphone, doesn’t take any power at all.

  3. bleachedoutrose says:

    This isn’t a new invention

  4. HTFsplendid says:

    normal people put their phones and shit on chargers when not using them

  5. randomsubscriber100 says:

    Then i must not be normal :/

  6. Rhyan Seng says:

    Can I shove this up my ass and charge stuff?

  7. HTFsplendid says:

    you can become that way by charging stuff. good for you love for it too!

  8. TheMagnificentCheese says:

    Bullshit, it can’t charge that fast. I doubt it would even fully charge most devices when looking at the size.

  9. James M says:

    because the iphone’s battery life averages about 4 minutes.

  10. Venomx818 says:

    If you knew how to use it could last for days.

  11. Noah Lach says:

    You don’t even need to “know how to use it” for it to last at least a day.

  12. CamRellim604 says:

    because sometimes its not practical if you’re in a hurry.

  13. scarface910 says:

    Because some people use it excessively causing the battery to drain quick even if they charge it before leaving.

  14. Ballooonatic says:

    0:22 is that Kitty from That 70’s Show?

  15. sumphatguy says:

    No it’s the actress who plays Kitty.

  16. Ian Cahn says:

    Fuck,i forgot to charge my Finger Charger,now I need a Finger Charger to charge my Finger Charger…

  17. Guillermo Fonseca says:

    can the Finger Charger charge one of Android Tables called EE Pad

  18. Guillermo Fonseca says:

    I mean Tablet

  19. Thomas Powers says:

    an advert on an advert O_o

  20. priestpilot says:

    I have a few chargers for my car, my phone is usually plugged in when I’m driving. There’s only a few times when my phone went dead, but it’s not the end of the world!

  21. bananasplitman9 says:

    Perhaps maybe you should’ve looked at that sentence before you posted it.

  22. aerodigital says:

    I’m going to deplete the everloving shit out of this Otterbox.

  23. maryam960 says:

    Size of a lipstick

  24. amymallon2 says:

    I need this

  25. Kenneth Liu says:

    Solar Juice and WakaWaka solar powered battery chargers are better.

  26. mattmax11 says:

    just because you charge it before leaving does not mean it won’t die.

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