FunLoom Rubber Band Bracelet Kits Are Looming Fun for Everyone!




What Are FunLooms?

FunLoom is a loom board that lets you easily make silicone rubber band bracelets, necklaces, and more. Just follow the easy to understand instructions and you can be making colorful fun fashion accessories for your friends in no time!

What are the benefits of owning a FunLoom?

  • FunLoom uses 100% silicone bands, which means you’ll get brighter colors without fading that won’t pull your hair.
  • FunLoom crafts are reusable. Just take them apart and make something completely different!

  • How Easy Is It To Make A Craft With FunLoom?

    Making crafts with FunLoom is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Load the loom board with your favorite color bands
    2. Use the hook to link the bands in a pattern
    3. Pop it off the board and clip it to finish!

    What all is included when I order a FunLoom?

    FunLoom comes with 2 Loom stations, 2 Loom Hooks, 1000 colorful bands, 50 C Clips, and 2 “How To” guides for just $14.99 + $6.99 S&H.

    How Do I Contact FunLoom Customer Service?

    For customer service please call 888-823-6940.

    Please send all returns to:
    400 Returns Rd
    Wallingford, CT 06494

    *Please allow 10 days from receipt of your return for credit to be processed.

    What are YOUR thoughts about FunLooms? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    49 comments on “FunLoom Rubber Band Bracelet Kits Are Looming Fun for Everyone!
    1. Dana Dumaplin says:

      thats more boring, i hate knitting.

    2. Jonipoon9 says:

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    3. lilkimchim says:

      Dat boy : Girls Love It Me : I love these but if a boy wheres it he looks gay

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    5. McKinley Mickelson says:

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      Are they trying to make this appeal to guys as well?

    11. Nachopup2003 says:

      Copy of rainbow loom but aimed for boys

    12. jumpstyleftw says:

      I’m standing and clapping my hands.

    13. Regan Daniels says:

      What boy wants to use this toy and wear these??

    14. nurlagrande says:

      Okay “girls dig it” was pathetic AND it looks reaaaally complicated…

    15. Tinkltinklburger says:

      So Fuckin cheesy

    16. bbluc22 says:

      Mmmm hmmm. Original huh?

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    23. Hugo Contreras says:

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    24. DawnLuvsLps says:

      Ok so rubber band = LOOM XD

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    30. OMGMELODIEZZZ says:

      Still copying rainbow loom

    31. I bought this for my grandkids quite a while ago. I order the kit and a lot of refill bands. So far, I have received nothing, not so much as a thank you for the order. I will never order anything from this site ever again.

    32. Shane Trusty says:


      Sorry you are having issues with the order from the
      FunLooms site. Have you tried to contact the company on the status of your order? Here are a few ways to do so:

      400 Returns Rd
      Wallingford, CT 06494

      Phone: 888-823-6940


    33. drinkgruner says:

      this is a craft item for both boys and girls….knowing how to make things is a positive skill and it starts when you are young. Guys give girls bracelets all through their lives why not make them too.

    34. Joni Ashton says:

      I want some Fun Loom! *Proceeds to stand up and clap hands*

    35. Lulu Reyes says:

      ‘Girls Dig It’ XDDDDDD!!

    36. Beto Hernandez says:

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