Fushigi Ball

Fushigi Ball

Today we review the ball that has created a genuine craze across the nation. Thats right, we are talking about Fushigi! What is a Fushigi? The Fushigi is a weighted ball with a chrome center that makes it easier to perform contact juggling tricks and techniques.

Fushigi Ball Benefits

  • Fushigi lets you learn contact juggling FASTER

  • Fushigi lets you learn contact juggling EASIER

  • Does the Fushigi Ball really work or is it a scam?

    The Fushigi ball is not a product that can just be picked up right away. If you watch the instructional DVD and put into practice what is taught, you WILL master Fushigi!

    Fushigi Ball Complaints

    Of the complaints we could find on Fushigi, most seemed centered on some people being frustrated that they could not just pick up the ball and do amazing tricks without practice. However we found that if one simply watches the DVD and puts in a little practice, the Fushigi can do some AMAZING things!

    Fushigi Ball Customer Reviews

    “I got this for my two son’s and they both loved making the fushigi balls float. The DVD was instrumental in teaching them, and once they got the hang of it, it’s almost like watching Chris Angel live from your living room! :)

    Would buy again, thanks.”

    – A Nuncio

    “We bought this recently for our nephew and couldn’t be happier. He watched the DVD and was doing some of the basic moves almost immediately.”

    – R Combs

    Fushigi Ball Warranty Information

    The Fushigi is covered by a 30 day moneyback guarantee. For customer service or to check on the status of your order, please call 888-513-1113. Orders from FL and CA will be charged sales tax. Canadian orders with be charged applicable GST and a $10 Shipping Surcharge.

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