Glamour Curls

George Clinton


I’m not quite sure of what to make about this one. The product looks like it works great and all but do women really want to look like George Clinton?

All kidding aside, the end results look absolutely great.

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68 comments on “Glamour Curls
  1. sara ross says:

    Does it work


    While you do “other” things ….. oya

  3. 6amb00 says:

    it never really shows how to do it…

  4. kevincrave says:

    cyber punk

  5. redTalonsss says:

    <-- Naturally curly hair. *dance of approval*

  6. Chuck Norris says:

    This is like goo set…. Don’t mind my name please

  7. Megan Ladner says:

    These are just a knock-off of Curlformers…

  8. Emily Ross says:

    That looks hard and sassy

  9. maddichibi says:

    So they give you socks and a crowbar.

  10. Sarah Meier says:

    what if you want BIG curls?

  11. lelechim says:

    this already exists under the names “Goo Set” and “Curlformers”

  12. Clarissa Fawcett says:

    Bich please, my hair looks like that everyday.Naturally curly hair. Ftw.

  13. MexicanAngel166 says:

    anyone grav3yardgirl ?

  14. Nayelis Colon says:


  15. Nayelis Colon says:

    swamp family

  16. nelsonr12 says:

    They looked fine without the curls

  17. KawaiiParadise35 says:

    it didn’t work for bunny :P

  18. Ruth Parnell says:

    i hate these they dont work

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