Glow Grip

Glow Grip 30 Second Review

Glow GripToday we give our 30 second honest review of Glow Grip.

Glow Grip is essentially durable glow in the dark tape that can be used in several different applications. Gone are the days of tripping down those dark basement stairs or stubbing your toes in the dark. Simply place the durable strips where you need a little light and they will glow all night!

Glow Grip Pros

  • Constantly recharges in natural & artificial light.

  • Waterproof / weatherproof

  • Glows all night!

  • Glow Grip Cons

  • Needs light to recharge. (Can’t use it in a closet!)

  • Needs to be replaced after 5 years.

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    98 comments on “Glow Grip
    1. eiqa syaza says:


    2. PeregrineFalconLady says:

      I’m going to hell for thinking 0:05 to 0:11 was hysterical….

    3. Megacarnage51 says:

      Did he just say kersplasho?

    4. dinosandlpsgirl1 says:

      Or a candle or a nightlight

    5. wylddogs says:

      don’t worry, ill be there with you.

    6. Brittonbubba137 says:

      I only liked this because this was on World’s Dumbest.

    7. ceilidhxdance says:

      who has a shower in the dark?

    8. Joyo292 says:

      Who falls backwards, away from the stairs?

    9. bostthetruth1991 says:


    10. lanorc says:

      perfect for robbers to see where they need to walk in the dark

    11. Pooky1991 says:


    12. Alice Nine says:

      why would you need this on the tub? whos gonna bath in the dark?

    13. Dani Russell says:

      Wait. I’m so confused like does it glow or does it grip? Like they showed the people walking on them but then all of a sudden people stick to it?

    14. AubreLynne18 says:

      Why Not Just Turn The Light On ? -_-

    15. annie51572 says:

      yeah carry that around with you all night -_-!………

    16. itzcrunchy says:

      Whats wrong with a flashlight?

    17. Purplesquigglystripe says:

      It does both.

    18. Fghhfgjggukjgujug says:

      I said that too hahahah the robbers would know where to go hahah

    19. wolf4677z says:

      Why are those old people showering in the dark?

    20. william10765 says:

      or just turn on the lights.

    21. amyrosefan926 says:

      LOVE it on that SLIPPERY tile floor

    22. chicagocubs10601 says:

      Psh! Kevin McCallister had a better idea. Tar.

    23. icarlyfan66738475 says:

      Here’s an idea turn on the God damn lights

    24. Dave B. says:


    25. Austin Mitchell says:

      Yeah and I can stay on a 45 degree Angle so I don’t fall into the lake that is in my house!

    26. Austin Mitchell says:

      If only someone invented a switch that could TURN ON THE LIGHTS conveniently located at the threshold of each room

    27. Weston Clayton says:

      put these on your hand and feet… BOOM, radioactive Spiderman!

    28. Weston Clayton says:

      put this on your hands and feet… RADIOACTIVE SPIDERMAN

    29. maxwood38 says:

      i hope my floors last longer than five years

    30. xxSyphenxx says:

      0:11 did that guy just get ejected into the air before he even went down the first step?

    31. iloveturky123 says:

      Turn on a light.

    32. TroyanBerry says:

      who takes a bath in the dark

    33. pilotmoyafan says:

      I just realized that every infomercial has the same shower set.

    34. Leti Romero says:

      cause I only bathe in complete darkness lol

    35. GTA4masta says:

      0:08 lmfao

    36. tigershark132 says:

      The fuck is a light?

    37. donnk says:

      these could really help out your burglar! good product

    38. xXchibibubbleXx says:

      Love it, on that slippery tile floor.

    39. Jonathan Leiva says:

      Woah kersplasho

    40. AmazingLarry7272 says:

      Holy Crap, it’s the same guy who does the Sunsetter Awning Commercial.

    41. AmazingLarry7272 says:

      I think he just took a sniper shot to the head.

    42. AmazingLarry7272 says:

      “Love it on that slippery tile floor” …that old lady is kinky

    43. Amalia Meilita says:

      is it really that dark??

    44. Emman Castro says:

      I keep laughing at 0:10 :)

    45. Katiereimer66 says:

      There’s this thing called turning on the light.

    46. Nitro0xide says:

      0:11 LMMAAOOOO

    47. Epic3556 says:

      0:10 some one make a gif of that

    48. ????? ? ???????????????? says:


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