Happy Hot Dog Man!

I ran across this the other night when I was watching 20/20. This has to be one of the most original As Seen On TV products in a long time. If the product itself wasn’t cool enough, the dancing happy hot dog in the commercial seals the deal! (And of course, the monster head condiment dispensers make this a total package of coolness!)

We placed an order and will have a review up as soon as it comes in. Stay tuned…

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355 comments on “Happy Hot Dog Man!
  1. misssbutterfly1 says:

    What a waste of money. -__- why would you want to buy this crap?

  2. Richiezhang880 says:

    “Make your meal a wiener” lol that’s what she said

  3. Brianna Magee says:

    foods are supposed to be eaten, tht’s all! Not be a toy tht u can dress up like a doll. This is just another one of those stupid commercial’s again!

  4. dancenekkid says:

    I refuse to eat hot dogs without buns. Isn’t it easier to just make those little octopus hot dogs anyway?


    This is stupid. Don’t parent teach kids not play with food? A 2 year old probably invented this. Besides there’s no way to make lunchtime “fun”.

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