Hot Huez Review: Does Hot Huez Really Work?

The Product: Hot Huez

The Promoter: Allstar Products Group

The Total Price: Around $10

Nick and I recently visited the campus of SIUE in Edwardsville Il to watch my daughter and her boyfriend perform in a musical. (It was “Into The Woods” and they did an outstanding job!) While we were there, Nick had the idea of doing a timed challenge for this Hot Huez review.

Does Hot Huez really work? And can we complete the review in one take and under 10 minutes? Be sure to watch to find out! (Special appearances this week by Shawna Trusty, Ben Nickols, and Tanjua Waddle.)

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6 comments on “Hot Huez Review: Does Hot Huez Really Work?
  1. awesome chris 14 says:
  2. Luci Cp says:

    This video was fun! :D but the clock sound was annoying.

  3. Austin P says:

    Man I really enjoy your videos but the clock ticking sound the whole video ruins it the first 15secs of the video would have been enough to get the point! None the less love the videos keep it up

  4. tanjua waddle says:

    Had so much fun helping out with this!!!

  5. Samael Odinsson says:

    wow arent you some pretty girls.

  6. fuzzy cat 2 says:

    I had hot huez before. It didn’t end so well.

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