Hot Ponez As Seen On TV Commercial And Review



Our thoughts about Hot Ponez:

Hot Ponez are beaded segmented ponytail holders that easily makes your simple ponytail look fabulous! Just follow the easy to use instructions and you’ll bring style and class to any situation.

We really liked that each order comes with 3 different colors of Hot Ponez as well as the teaser brush and style guide.

Our only complaint is that the makers of Hot Ponez failed to include a red version. (My wife was pretty mad about this one!)

Overall, we really enjoyed Hot Ponez and recommend them for those who need their hair up but still want to look classy.

Transcript of the Hot Ponez TV Commercial:

Putting your hair up is a classic fix, but that sloppy, droopy ponytail? A total miss! You need Hot Ponez, the ultimate ponytail styler. A hot new twist on the ponytail classic. Hot Ponez are specially designed beaded bands featuring four loops that allow you to create an almost endless number of ponytail styles. Just gather, loop, and style! For styles that go from purely elegant to red carpet bold. With Hot Ponez, you can change your look every day and it never gets old. Let Hot Ponez rock your style when you go pop casual for the day, glam gorgeous for a big night out, or sporty for the game. Hot Ponez are comfortable and won’t squeeze your scalp and won’t damage your hair. Just gather, loop and style! They’re perfect for long hair, short, and every length in between. Whether your hair is sleek and straight or full of curls, Hot Ponez works hair style magic on every girl. Call now to get three new Hot Ponez. One brown, one black, one gold, all for $10 dollars. You’ll also get the Hot Ponez ponytail style guide that makes it fast, fun, and easy to do all these different ponytail styles. But wait, to make this a really hot deal we’ll double Hot Ponez. Yours free! And to make sure your ponytail looks just right we’ll also send you a teaser brush! Use the handle to section and the brush to tease for an effortless thick and voluminousness Hot Ponez ponytail. It’s yours free as a gift. That’s six Hot Ponez, plus a Hot Ponez ponytail style guide and a fabulous teaser brush all for $10. You can call or log on at Hot P O N E Z .com. That’s

What are YOUR thoughts about Hot Ponez? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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17 comments on “Hot Ponez As Seen On TV Commercial And Review
  1. jumpstyleftw says:

    Or sporty for the game.

  2. zebra2791 says:

    ew looks like you could care less about the crappy ponytail

  3. trololomosher says:

    That looks so stupid and complicated

  4. PixarFan8080 says:

    Some of these hairstyles with this thing are so stupid. Who wants 4 ponytails? Are ponytails popular anymore?

  5. suziefleur623 says:

    Can’t wait to get this – great for summer :)

  6. Molly Gorman says:

    I saw this commercial on tv and literally started laughing out loud. The hairstyles look so stupid!!!!

  7. Faye321So says:

    Nice – lots of hairstyle options!

  8. berryblueswirl says:

    For busy women with long hair, ponytails will never be out of style. Just a little more or a little less casual. Something like this gives you a few more options.

  9. alexia werner says:

    this reminds me of smosh. :D cause of the music

  10. Neum3234 says:

    I was seriously blinded by this video because I had to blink every freaking time they would flash they screen

  11. mimistar33 says:

    Hot Ponies.

  12. Bunbun Bunny says:

    Works for every leingt of hair! So for mullet to?

  13. TacoDaChihuaha says:

    I’m pretty sure this is something of a style from the 90s that never should have resurfaced.

  14. fashioytofhv says:

    wtf those camera fld

  15. fashioytofhv says:

    wtf those camera flashes were hurting my eyes

  16. phDexterable says:

    I came for sexy horses.

  17. Kendall Raine says:

    And then all the bronies come here thinking this is pony porn

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