Hot Stamps Review As Seen On TV

The Product: Hot Stamps

The Promoter:

The Promise: “Add flair to your hair!”

The Total Price: 4 Hot Stamps and bonus items for $19.90 before tax.

Hot Stamps Review

Hot Stamps are essentially stampable glitter glue decorations that you can put in your hair for style, flair, or fun! Hot Stamps comes in the following 4 different designs: Pink Hearts, Blue Stars, Silver Clovers, and Purple Peace Signs.

Hot Stamps makes the following claims:

  • Easy to put in
  • Easy to brush out
  • Stays in place all day long when dry
  • Hot Stamps Review: Our Conclusion

    What We Liked

  • Lots of Glitter!
  • Tweens and teens should love this!
  • Very durable!
  • What We Didn’t Like

  • Very Messy!
  • Way to much glitter for us!

  • What are YOUR thoughts about Hot Stamps? Did Nick and I get it wrong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    13 comments on “Hot Stamps Review As Seen On TV
    1. Dominic lauzon says:

      My sister has this.Also FIRST, yes I went there.

    2. Luci Cp says:

      You guys are a bit far away from the camera. It would be nice to hava a close-up of the products.

    3. erica penny says:

      Can you guys review the magic tatts

    4. Kendrick Wade says:

      Squishy sand

    5. jose ramo jr says:

      Review Big Top freeze pop please

    6. cupcake hearts 19 says:

      Did you read the directions because I watched a different review and you have to test it on something first and also press gently

    7. Nisreen Abbas says:
    8. Hung Dang says:

      Try Forever book! I really want to see this review from you!

    9. Bartosz Liczberski says:

      Plz review magic finder plz plz plz

    10. Synx Itax says:

      Review the Intelliear! Or some other sound amplifier thing. :P

    11. Roshkin says:

      We never saw you take it out of your beard.

    12. Sara F says:

      Love you guys together I know your father and son but your a great duo even without that! ????

    13. D Lastname says:

      Have you done a video on the spin mop ?

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