How Walmart Changed “As Seen On TV” Shopping Forever!

[box]How Walmart Changed As Seen On TV Shopping ForeverHas this ever happened to you?

During the course of some regular TV viewing a commercial comes on for one of those gadgets that you can’t live without. Maybe it’s an expandable hose or something to make cooking easier. The item promises to solve your problem and you want to make a purchase.

But then fear and doubt creep in. Is this item really going to work for me? Do I really want to pay all that shipping and handling? And what if I don’t like it? How easy can I return it?

As a person who is passionate about As Seen On TV products I understand that completely. Some of the largest complaints I field from folks is issues with shipping costs, ease of returns, and the time it takes to get ordered items. So what does all of this have to do with Walmart?

A few years back, Walmart decided to invest and build partnerships with most of the major producers of As Seen On TV products and even included them in their offerings. This created a win, win, win situation for everyone involved.

For Walmart, they got a chance to get a piece of the As Seen On TV marketplace just by carrying the items. The As Seen On TV product makers got access to a previously untapped market. (Those who want to buy As Seen On TV products, but didn’t want the hassle of ordering directly.) And the biggest winner ended up being you the consumer!

By including As Seen On TV products in their stores and online, Walmart has changed As Seen On TV shopping forever! Now you can order your favorite As Seen On TV item through or directly at your local store. You can have it delivered to your house in a quarter of the time, and if there is something wrong with it, you can return it without having to pay additional shipping and handling!

As a person who is constantly buying and testing As Seen On TV products, this has been a godsend. I’m always sure to check if a product is available at before placing an order with the official site. Now granted, Walmart doesn’t usually carry every As Seen On TV item, but they will for the most part have the most popular ones!

If you’ve ever been interested in buying As Seen On TV merchandise on the cheap, then you should definitely give a try![/box]

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