How Will The Perfect Fit Headphones Fit You?



Excerpt from the official website…

Perfect fit headphones, the memory foam headphones!

A comfortable audio experience ANYWHERE!

– Flexible foam ear buds conform to your ear.
– Retractable cord prevents tangles.
– Fit perfectly and will not fall out.
– Hand crafted fine wood ends for high quality sound.
– Advanced noise filtering for travelling, office, and home.
– Greater stability during exercise and other activities.
– Can be used with music, audio books, videos, games.
– Hours of comfortable on the go listening.

Offer Details:

When you order Perfect Fit today for just $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping we will include the bonus carrying case for FREE. We’ll also double your order and send you another set of Perfect Fit plus the case for FREE, just pay the separate shipping and handling of $7.95. We are so confident you’ll love Perfect Fit that we back it with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you find Perfect Fit is not for you, simply return it within 30 days.

What are YOUR thoughts about Perfect Fit Headphones? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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11 comments on “How Will The Perfect Fit Headphones Fit You?
  1. iwazherelolat23 says:


  2. haliefaith5 says:

    No is real it the promo before it gose out on tv

  3. utubeb14 says:

    I love the fake that sound test is.

  4. racerx8228 says:

    Any noise-isolating ear buds sound better.

  5. nintendoatarikiller says:

    Never trust $10 earphones. Looks good though.

  6. SkepticSkits says:

    lmfao the sound test made me laugh so hard

  7. Raymond Zhao says:

    i like how for 0:57 to 0:59 u can still hear the cheap earphone sound even though it is taken away.. FAIL!

  8. parker freeman says:

    Theres these things called skullcandy’s. you can get them for $10

  9. TheSwagSociety says:

    Skullcandies are shit.

  10. RunTheRockers says:

    “Look at how high the bars went up! That means we’re much better.”

  11. TheIronLawnmower says:

    I’m fairly sure even headphones made out of goat semen and cardboard would sound better than these.

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