Hula Hula, Its The Hawaii Chair!

This is one of those commercials that makes you say… really? (I wonder how many of these were sold before there was a class action lawsuit from grandmas being thrown clear of the chair!)

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388 comments on “Hula Hula, Its The Hawaii Chair!
  1. freakyandrew1 says:


  2. Steve Rose says:

    I got here from mailchimp :-)

  3. Susan Keeping says:

    Saw this on Anderson Live, hilarious

  4. mushafasa says:

    omg if i saw a chick using that thing i couldn’t wait to see how she was on top

  5. ihatekoolaid14 says:

    Hawaii is offended.

  6. ihatekoolaid14 says:

    Yeah, “abs” is not what I thought he said at first, lol.

  7. Daniel Birch says:

    This is bloody hilarious! lol

  8. MAWaterston says:

    i’jm typnfg tjjus om mu haawwai chaier!@

  9. SexRobotOfDoom says:

    Hawhat the fuck…

  10. Snakebite142 says:

    bring it around town!

  11. Slacker887 says:

    “This feels great on my abs.” Haha

  12. B1oodBathAndBeyond says:

    Chairs are offended.

  13. DDRrez says:

    Thanks Cinco.

  14. XCandiceXD says:

    Wanna look like you have a bladder problem? Get the Hawaii chair!

  15. EpicMan83 says:

    You’r na’me, wh’y…?

  16. SPUNKKK says:

    lol, its for real? … Looked like an episode from Saturday Night Live or something :S

  17. Andriy Dovzhov says:

    Hello! I’m Alexis.I did -40 lbs past 2 weeks.Open\#6uwG

  18. ravi930 says:

    id buy this. Just for laughs.

  19. Hanh Tran says:

    believe or not MY BOSS have this chair in his office and he really think it work ….

  20. Quartrez says:

    I thought you were joking by putting all those apostrophes everywhere….

  21. pyrotech8285 says:

    0:36 I thought he said “it feels great on my ass”.

  22. Mick11492 says:

    “If you can sit you can get fit” Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the American Dream right there.

  23. William Hearn says:

    hahahahahha and learn to write in circles

  24. zappafan136 says:

    I can’t be the only one that thought that guy said “Ass” and not “abs”.

  25. cartooner11050 says:

    perfect chair for your girlfriends birthday. because when shes done using it ;)

  26. TheVikingsVagina says:

    That makes no fucking sense

  27. Cologne? says:

    I wonder how many people have gotten serious back and spine injuries from this contraption…

  28. Cologne? says:

    I’d sue for reckless endangerment if my boss did that.

  29. Venusstar22 says:

    What a really…..strange…….product. O.o

  30. Michelle Papastefanou says:

    OMG! I had to share this. Even the music is hysterical!

  31. bukster1 says:

    How am I supposed to type emails with my butt being rotated around and around?

  32. Elizabeth Stone says:

    I’m sure looking like you’re grinding on your office chair is unprofessional.

  33. Henrique P. Zanella says:


  34. Xneldson says:


  35. Xneldson says:


  36. Prince Zuko says:

    0:36 it feels great on my ass

  37. Tosawa Lucas says:

    Zé graça :D

  38. Grell64 says:

    “Feels great on my vag”

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