“I Got Hot Buns And I Like It!” The Hot Buns Commercial Is Here!



From the official Hot Buns website…

Hot Buns is the hair accessory that let’s you roll, snap and wrap your hair without pins. Get gorgeous curls with no heat.

Product Features:

• Fast and Easy to use for all ages
• Perfect for casual or elegant wear
• Also use it to get beautiful, bouncy curls
• So comfortable you can sleep in it
• Receive bonus Style Guide!

Comes with 3 sizes for multiple hairdos

• Small – for short hair & half-up styles
• Large – classic buns for any occasion
• Hollywood – full glamorous buns
• All 3 sizes leave you with big, bouncy curls!

Offer Details: Buy two Hot Buns™ hair accessories in both sizes – small and large in your choice of color – light or dark for only $10 plus $7.95 P&H. We’ll send you a second set of two Hot Buns™ hair accessories in the same color for FREE—just pay additional $7.95 P&H! As a special web bonus, we’ll send you two more Hot Buns™ hair accessories in hollywood size, absolutely FREE! You get six Hot Buns™ hair accessories in all! Plus, you receive a bonus Style Guide!

What are YOUR thoughts about Hot Buns? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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210 comments on ““I Got Hot Buns And I Like It!” The Hot Buns Commercial Is Here!
  1. avatargirl318 says:

    No just no

  2. Flandre Scarlet says:

    “Flat buns? Saggy loose buns?” WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION, LADY.

  3. Adelle655 says:

    She sounds weird when she says,”and wrap!”

  4. CitrusSockMonkey says:

    But I don’t want 2 fat people in my house

  5. Brooke Manga says:

    His it true that it turns curly afterwards:/

  6. TonixzMac says:

    notice how she said “shaft” :50

  7. francocrazy2001 says:

    Don’t get dis me and my cpusin got it I have medium between thick and thin hair n it didn’t stay my cousin has medium long thick hair and it didn’t work for her..honestly don’t get it

  8. steven sonderhoff says:

    i thought it was gonna be a bra for your ass

  9. kileydirectioner says:

    DISPROVED BY BUNNY! Signed, Swamp family member

  10. Emilkya says:

    Every haircolor? What about turquoise? ._.

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