Gyro Bowl

The Incredible Gyro Bowl has got to be one of the most truly innovative As Seen On TV products that I have seen in quite a while. What you essentially have is a spill proof bowl that renders even the most messy kid (or adult), mess proof! Imagine being able to allow your child snacks without worrying about what kind of mess they will be making with it just moments from now.

Gyro Bowl Key Benefits

  • Special design keeps messes from ruining your your carpet and furniture

  • Virtually indestructible plastic holds up to even the toughest kids

  • The easy to clean design allows it to be washed in any dishwasher

  • Does the Gyro Bowl really work?

    Extensive testing has shown that the Gyro Bowl works great with dry goods but not so much with the wet stuff. (Of course, the product was not designed to keep liquids in, but we felt the need to test it just the same!)

    Gyro Bowl Complaints

    As with any popular product shown on television, the Gyro Bowl has had some complaints. The few that were found centered on customers being impatient with the 3-4 week shipping time after purchase. The company that is selling the Gyro Ball, Plymouth Direct, is held in high regard and currently holds a B rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    Gyro Bowl Customer Praise

    “We absolutely love this bowl and are planning to get a few more of them. My 18 month old uses this bowl for her snack every day and, while it doesn’t prevent 100% of spills (it was never intended to), I bet we avoid somewhere between 80-90 percent of the spills we would get with a regular bowl.”

    – C Johnson

    “It’s like a toy kids can eat out of. It’s function is supposed to be that the contents don’t spill as easily as a regular bowl. It’s only good for dry foods such as cereal, fruit, etc.. obviously, since liquid would spill regardless. The kids give it 5 stars!”

    – E Nadal

    I bought a Gyro Bowl for my 2 year old to tote around the house. The Gyro Bowl not only did what they said it would do in the commercial, but I find myself playing with it too sometimes. I guess it’s a pretty neat toy for adults, too!”

    – S Witt

    Gyro Bowl Guarantee Information

    The Gyro Bowl comes with a 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of postage and handling.

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