InstaBulb Commercial As Seen On TV



This battery-operated light bulb is cool to the touch, so it’s safe to place anywhere in your home. INSTABulb™ is perfect in dark closets, cabinets, attics and basements. All you have to do is stick the base on the wall, slide in the bulb and pull the cord to get light anywhere you need it.

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62 comments on “InstaBulb Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. TheHolyMongolEmpire says:

    I just saw this commercial on TV and had to comment on how fucking dumb as shit it is. Theres light around the corners and from different sources the second they turn it on lol. It makes me sad that people are dumb enough to fall for it though.

  2. xMagdalenexD says:

    Cant see the clothes in your closet with a fully lit room? Get an InstaBulb! Can’t flick that pesky kitchen light switch? Get an Instabulb! Feel the sudden urge to have a light on your door? Get an InstaBulb! Sick of taking out your aggression on your light bulbs and having them break? Get an InstaBulb! Can’t just take the book with you to a fully lit room? Get an InstaBulb! Need light at sunset which already has it’s own light? Get an InstaBulb!

  3. dubboy604 says:


  4. 211emrg says:

    Holymongolempire thats exactly what I was gonna comment I just saw the commercial and seen the same thing the main light sources coming on before and away from it

  5. oioseanoio says:

    “this electrician charged 190 doollars to install 1 light bulb…” uh, really anthony sullivan? LMAO

  6. GosselinProduction says:

    Thumbs up if you came from cs188’s poop!

  7. Gaberiel Eady says:

    I came from his poop

  8. Dave B. says:

    america fuck yeahhhhhhhh !

  9. chicagofrank2010 says:

    I just bought this P.O.S. and I would get more light from a match or a 99 cent night light. Thank goodness I has $5 off the item so it cost me about $6 I did use cheap batteries so I am thinking about using name brand ones.

  10. blackbyrd93 says:

    “This actor playing a fictional electrician charged $190 to install one lightbulb! Call now.”

  11. TheLastMovieMaker says:

    cs188 sent me here

  12. N SevenBlue says:

    I Put my Instabulb under my bed

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