IntelliARMOR IntelliGLASS HD Review With Nick And Shane

*DISCLAIMER – We received a review copy of the intelliARMOR screen protector in exchange for an honest review.

The Product: intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector

The Promoter: intelliARMOR

The Promise: “The Smarter Screen Protector”

The Total Price: $12.95-$14.95 (depending on model)

intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector Product Review

What is the intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector?

The intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector by intelliARMOR is essentially a high quality smart phone screen protector that is ultra clear, exceptionally strong, with comes with a smudge and fingerprint resistant coating. The intelliGLASS HD also comes with highly detailed, easy to follow instructions for those who have never installed a screen protector before.

What Makes The intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector A Good Buy?

For us, the value in purchasing any of the intelliARMOR screen protectors is in the superior protection and easy installation. (We also love the lifetime warranty that comes with our intelliGLASS HD model!)

Where To Buy The intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector?

The entire intelliARMOR screen protector line is available via the official website.

Does The intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

The intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector comes with a lifetime guarantee! (The intelliGLASS Pro also has a lifetime guarantee!)

intelliARMOR Customer Service Information

1742 N Orangethorpe Park
Anaheim CA, 92801
(866) 367-3745

The best way to contact customer service for intelliARMOR is via their intelliARMOR Customer Service Form

Does The intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector Really Work?

Yes, the intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector definitely does work as advertised! We were able to install it with minimal fuss and tested out it’s scratch and smudge resistance with no issues. (And although it did take us a few tries to install ours, we still felt it was very easy overall to put together!)

The intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector Review: Our Conclusion

  • We loved the easy to read and follow instructions!
  • We loved the scratch and smudge resistance we got from installing the intelliGLASS HD!
  • Once we got our screen protector on, it was nice and thin, and did not detract from the use or enjoyment of the phone.
  • Although installation took us a few tries, we still feel that this was a super easy installation!
  • All in all we really love the intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector! It works as advertised, does what it is supposed to do quite well, and is really strong!

    So if you’re ready to protect your smartphone in a cost effective and practical way, be sure to click on the big yellow box below to get YOUR intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector today!

    What are YOUR thoughts about the intelliGLASS HD Screen Protector? Did Nick and I get it wrong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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