InVinceable Product Review: Does InVinceable Really Work?

The Product: InVinceable

The Promoter: Square One Entertainment

The Promise: Your Stains May Be Tough, But They’re Not InVinceable!

The Total Price: 2 sets of InVinceable for $23.90

InVinceable Product Information

What is InVinceable?

InVinceable is essentially an oxygenated cleaner very similar in composition to Oxyclean. When ordered, you get 4 packets of the InVinceable cleaner with a reusable any angle sprayer.

Does InVinceable Have A Special Offer?

When ordered from the InVinceable website, you have access to the Double Offer.

InVinceable Total Price Breakdown

Buy One box of InVinceable for $10 + $6.95 s/h and get a second box of InVinceable for just an additional $6.95 s/h for a grand total of $23.90 before tax.

InVinceable Lowest Price

At the time of this writing, the lowest price for InVinceable is from the official website. However, I was able to locate a review copy at my local Walmart but cannot currently locate it for sale on their website.

Does InVinceable Have A Warranty or Guarantee?

InVinceable is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of shipping and handling.

InVinceable Customer Service Information

Telephone: 877-369-2373, 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

Does InVinceable Really Work?

As evidenced by our review video above, we could only get InVinceable to work on some of the claimed cleaning uses with success. It cleaned the chrome and water stains in my shower, but was not very effective with the grime. When used in the laundry, it did whiten things up a bit, but no more than any other oxygenated cleaner. And of course, our live demo showed that it can have limited success with stain fighting, but no where near what was demonstrated by the commercial.

InVinceable Review: Wrap Up

What We Liked With InVinceable

  • The any angle spray bottle was nice. (But ours leaked!)
  • What We Didn’t Like About InVinceable

  • Did NOT completely work as advertised!
  • Can only fill the spray bottle up halfway with cleaner mix!
  • InVinceable must be used within 8 hours of making to be effective!
  • It’s pretty stinky.
  • InVinceable Review Verdict: We Do NOT Recommend!

    All in all we really can’t recommend InVinceable for purchase. There are already several products that clean just as well, if not better than InVinceable that are easier and cheaper to obtain. About the only thing that was nice with this product was the spray bottle, and even that leaked enough to make it unpleasant. And besides, you know that any money that Vince Offer makes is going to go into another one of his godawful movies like this one:

    What are YOUR thoughts about InVinceable? Did Nick and I get it wrong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Clint Sexton says:

      Your camera was not focused but love your videos

    2. Daniel Gutierrez says:

      Did you record this on a potato

    3. John Burgess says:

      Thanks for making these in spite of the small audience and dislikes. I hope you’re having fun with it.

    4. erica penny says:

      Can you please try the bananalicious!!!

    5. steffers841 says:

      focus fail :/

    6. leo arona says:

      Do you all buy all of these products you test?

    7. Kendrick Wade says:

      Jiffy fries

    8. michelle callaghan says:

      Great Job guys, you just saved me buying it off the TV add here in Australia for 50 dollars. That’s a big thumbs up!!!!!!!! very cute and funny :)

    9. Austin P says:

      Thanks for the review glad I didnt buy this junk! :D

    10. Clai Luc says:

      Is it just me, or is the video kind of blurry?

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