Is Beamz By Flo Rida The Future Of Interactive Music?

What Is Beamz?

Beamz By Flo Rida is an interactive music device that lets you be a part of your music! When your hands cross the light beams, it triggers parts of a song, sound effects, and more giving you a great way to share your music with others!

To better explain, here is the official description from the official Beamz website:

Beamz by Flo is an interactive music product that enables anyone to make music by moving your hands through laser beams with pre-programmed songs. Each interactive song has a background rhythm track which you start by pressing the play button on the Beamz controller; then each laser beam is setup to be a different instrument or sound effect. As you move your hand through a laser beam, you’re adding that instrument into the playback of the song. The Beamz controller lights up 4 red laser beams, and each song has up to 12 different instruments for you to add into the playback of the song so there’s lots of options for you to get creative making the music. The center button is a SWAP button for you to switch over to other instruments while you’re playing a song. Beamz also includes a recording feature so you can capture your remixes to playback for yourself or to share with your friends.

If you’re using the Beamz with an iPad, iPhone or MAC computer, you may purchase additional songs within the application itself – click on Settings, then select Buy More Songs to see a list of individual songs and song bundles available. Bundles are the best value, providing discounts up to 50% off vs. purchasing additional individual songs.

If you are using the Beamz with a Windows computer, then visit to purchase additional songs. When you purchase songs from this site you’ll get download links for installers that will add the song you’ve purchased into your Beamz music library.

Beamz by Flo works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 3rd generation models or later running iOS 6.0 or later.

You’re started off with nine original Beamz songs plus twenty interactive songs inspired by chart-topping artists, including signature songs from hip hop/pop artist Flo Rida.

Beamz interactive songs are not limited to just one music style or genre and include pop, rock, country, hip hop, r&b, jazz, classical…so you may play whatever music moves you.

Songs included:

Billie Jean-Jam Michael Jackson
Clocks-Jam Coldplay
Country Girl (Shake It For Me)-Jam Luke Bryan
Crazy In Love-Jam Beyoncé
Firework-Jam Katy Perry
Funkytown-Jam Lipps Inc.
Just Dance-Jam Lady Gaga
Last Name-Jam Carrie Underwood
Raise Your Glass-Jam Pink
Rock Your Body-Jam Justin Timberlake
Rolling In The Deep-Jam Adele
SOS-Jam Rihanna
Super Freak-Jam Rick James
Superstition-Jam Stevie Wonder
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Taylor Swift
Together-Jam Without You-Jam David Guetta
You Shook Me All Night Long-Jam AC/DC
Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida Flo Rida
Laser Light Show-video – Flo Rida Flo Rida
Whistle-video – Flo Rida Flo Rida

There’s no “wrong” way to play Beamz. It’s setup for everyone to have fun making music, regardless of experience with traditional instruments. Visit to watch the “getting started” video for a simple tutorial regarding how to get started playing Beamz. The videos are organized by operating system so you may see how the software works specifically with device you are connecting to Beamz.

How Do I Order Beamz?

You can order Beamz 2 different ways:

  • Best Value — SAVE $50 Today! Includes Beamz, Beamz App and over 20 Chart Topping Songs for just one payment just $199.99 + $19.95 shipping & processing
  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial* – Includes Beamz, Beamz App and over 20 Chart Topping Songs Try Before you buy just pay $19.95 Shipping & Processing Today and 2 payments of $124.99

  • What If I Don’t Like It. How Do I Contact Beamz Customer Service?

    You can contact Beamz customer service by calling: (877) 369-2380 8AM to 8PM (EST), 5AM – 5PM (PST)


    Order Status:

    What are YOUR thoughts about Beamz By Flo Rida? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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      “over 20 chart-topping cover songs inspired by some of the greatest artists of all time!”…and Flo Rida.This is like a high-tech version of that “Loopz” toy. Why spend almost $270 on this laser-light crap when you can get a Launchpad for $100 less?

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