Jupiter Jack Commercial As Seen On TV



Jupiter Jack is an easy to use device that turns your car radio into a hands fee speaker phone. It is easy to use. Simply plug Jupiter Jack into your cell phone’s headset jack and tune your car radio to 99.3 FM and start talking hands free. It’s that simple. Jupiter Jack features a built in microphone that transmits your voice clearly while you hear your caller’s voice clearly through your car’s speakers.

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4 comments on “Jupiter Jack Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. niga6000 says:

    144 dollars for a bluetooth headset my ass

  2. niga6000 says:

    i mean 100

  3. rgfwercds says:

    99.3 is a station here

  4. MrGotenks107 says:

    99.3 is Spanish Radio in my area

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