Keep Your Dog’s Breath Fresh With Brushy Bone!



Excerpt from the official website…

Brushy Bone™ dog toothbrush is the easy and effective way to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and clean. Your dog actually brushes his own teeth! Brushy Bone™ dog toothbrush has real toothbrush bristles to clean to the gum line, removing plaque and helping prevent tartar build-up. Brushy Bone™ dog toothbrush is designed like a bone, so dogs instinctively hold it between their paws and chew on the end, moving it from one side of their mouth to the other. Double-sided toothbrush bristles clean both top and bottom teeth as your dog chews.

Offer Details:
Buy one Brushy Bone™ Dog Toothbrush for only $10 plus $7.95 P&H, and receive a second Brushy Bone™ Dog Toothbrush FREE, just pay separate P&H of $7.95.

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6 comments on “Keep Your Dog’s Breath Fresh With Brushy Bone!
  1. battlemanish says:

    but how long does it hold if your dog keeps biting in it?

  2. sara ross says:

    But then the tooth paste gets every where

  3. Dragonite789 says:

    If i gave that to my dog she would look at it and continue sleeping

  4. hiddenopal says:

    My dog would just lick the toothpaste off and never chew it.

  5. noah49251 says:

    What if the other side of the brush is on the carpet and it stains it. U r so dumb.

  6. ImmortalPhantoms says:

    Tbh, orapup works a lot better…

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