Key Cam Official Commercial As Seen On TV



Excerpts From The Official Key Cam Website:

Key Cam is the high quality video camera on a key chain. Creating high quality video has never been easier!

Lighter and smaller than your car remote
Always ready when you need it
Easy to use — just push a button!
Records up to an hour of high quality video and sound on Micro SD Card
Takes great still photos
Downloads to any computer
Makes a great gift!

Customers ordering today will receive the Key Camâ„¢, 2 GB Micro SD Card, Charging/Downloading Cord, and Lithium Ion Battery for just $29.00 + $7.99 S&H — an incredible deal!

Sales tax will be applied to orders from California and Florida.
Orders from Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada will be charged an additional $10 shipping surcharge.
Orders from Canada will be charged Canadian GST.

This offer features a 30-day, money back guarantee.

For customer service, please call 866-385-5248 or email

Returns may be sent, along with your name and address, to:
Key Camâ„¢
Attn: Returns Department
10303 Norris Avenue
Pacoima, CA 91331

What are YOUR thoughts about the Key Cam? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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18 comments on “Key Cam Official Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. jumpstyleftw says:

    But you can’t see shit what your are filming

  2. battlemanish says:

    so true!

  3. ricey0013 says:

    Buy a go pro

  4. tonyantonio2 says:

    “Video quality will shock you!” I agree 240p is great!

  5. DethByStoopididty . says:

    and y would u need that

  6. pmk4343 says:

    key cam $29.99 ? on ebay $6

  7. spiderman4112003 says:

    I switched to 240p and I could not tell the difference

  8. PixarFan8080 says:


  9. Rojin Habibi says:


  10. tonyantonio2 says:

    dont lie

  11. Isaac Clarke says:

    wow… 1.3MP camera at 280p. insane T_T i just cant keep up with technology.

  12. pmk4343 says:

    eBay only $8

  13. Brynn Lieberman says:

    So cool even pedophiles can use it! parents hide your kids!!

  14. Gayle Balbach says:

    im gonna buy me one at walmart when i have a little money

  15. Nicole L says:

    Great for perverts! …Smh

  16. Gayle Balbach says:

    im ordering one tomorrow at walmart online

  17. Gayle Balbach says:

    i ordered one at yesterday i should get it next week either wednesday or thursday.

  18. DuoSigma says:

    I think the imitators would actually make a better product than these guys

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