Kitty Cushion’s Self Heating Technology Keeps Your Cat Cozy!




The Product: Kitty Cushion

The Promise: Keeps Kitty Warm And Your Furniture Clean

The Price: 2 Kitty Cushions and a bonus Catnip Kicker for a total of $23.98

What is a Kitty Cushion?

The Kitty Cushion is a soft, fluffy, pet cushion for your cat that will keep them toasty warm without batteries or electricity.

How does Kitty Cushion work?

Kitty Cushion has a thermal reflective core that uses the cat’s own body heat to keep them toasty warm.

Are there any other benefits to using Kitty Cushion?

Apart from being a self heating, the Kitty Cushion features a plush microfiber that attracts pet hair and dander like a magnet. It also comes in 3 different styles so one is sure to match your decor and is machine washable.

What do I get when I order Kitty Cushion and how much will it cost?

When ordered, you’ll get 2 Kitty Cushions plus a bonus Catnip Kicker toy for a total of $23.98. (There is also an option to buy a larger cushion that will increase the price if chosen at checkout.)

What if there is a problem with my order? Is there a Kitty Cushion customer service number?

Luckily, Kitty Cushion is covered by a 30 day limited warranty. And if you do happen to have issues, here is the customer service information:

Phone: 866-595-9227 (Available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm EST.)


Procedures for Returns (As found on the Kitty Cushion website on 09/26/2013)

If warranty service is necessary, LM Direct will refund the original amount of the purchase price, less the processing and handling fees. The original purchaser needs to pack the Kitty Cushion and bottle of Tarter Fighting Gel securely and send it postage paid to the following address:

Returns via USPS use: Kitty Cushion, 400 Returns Road Wallingford, CT 06492
Returns via UPS/FedEx Returns use: Kitty Cushion, 26 Barnes Industrial Road North, Wallingford, CT 06492

Purchaser must include their name, mailing address, e-mail address (if there is one), and telephone contact information, a reason for the return, a statement as to the date of receipt of the product, and proof of purchase, showing the amount paid for the product and the date payment was made.


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8 comments on “Kitty Cushion’s Self Heating Technology Keeps Your Cat Cozy!
  1. jumpstyleftw says:

    Damn she must be lonely as fuck.

  2. stezton says:

    I bet she covered her own bed in kitty cushions.

  3. geral spiee says:

    Shut of and give me all of the cats!

  4. simlover00 says:

    that recorded purring sound is really annoying

  5. Shane Trusty says:

    It looks like the makers of the Kitty Cushion are banking on cat lovers buying this on account of all those cuddly soft kittens in the commercial!

  6. spiderman4112003 says:

    better then TeenNick ruining cartoons with meowing every 5 seconds

  7. irken24 says:

    What an absolutely ludicrous product. Just about all of these problems could be solved by just putting an old blanket on the floor.

  8. James Riley says:

    large pets like a kangaroo

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