Klever Kups Commercial As Seen On TV



Klever Kups, aka Cafe Cups are the smart way to start your day! Those single serve coffee pods cost a fortune, but with Cafe Cup, you can enjoy the convenience of a single serve coffee maker with your own coffee! Just fill the reusable Cafe Cup with your favorite coffee and you’re on your way for just pennies a cup! They’re dishwasher safe AND you can make espresso or a cup of your favorite tea in seconds!

Overall, we think Klever Kups are pretty neat! But what do YOU think about Klever Kups? Be sure to vote and share your comments below!

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81 comments on “Klever Kups Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. Evan Vonthaer says:

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  8. 11110JFK11110 says:

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  9. jmurray1157 says:

    @1:04 she says she saves a TON of money. A ton?, really? Based on the weight of a single dollar bill, that’s $908,000.

  10. bobbatron808 says:

    I just put one cup’s worth of grounds in my regular machine and wait an extra minute for it to brew..

  11. Lynette Diaz says:

    The one for the Keurig requires you to remove the entire holster each time you want to use your own coffee. This is actually different.

  12. Eric A. Richards says:

    The one to use is that Solofill K3 Gold. I.m.o. it’s the best reusable kcup system that doesn’t require a paper filter with the Ekobrew Stainless Elite a co best or a close second.

  13. Rymac91 says:

    Generally if you’re going to brew tea, then you’re just going to run the machine without the k-cup and put the tea bag in the mug.

  14. Carleen1952 says:

    We bought the Keurig device for our Keurig coffee pot and it DOESN’T FIT! GET THAT ONE!

  15. Kellie McDonald says:

    Works amazing! Yay! I’ve had my kuerig picked up for a while now b/c the pods are too expensive. I got these at walgreens and love it!

  16. nonewsfan says:

    I got one of those off brand replacements to brew my own coffee in my Keurig machine, and it started leaking after about 20 uses. So I returned it for another, which started leaking in about another 20 uses. So now I’m back to the K-Cups.

  17. SuperSonicChaos2 says:

    …I love it, you can’t use the scoops that come with the coffee, you have to have the ones that come with these cups. (I don’t mean that the cups can’t be useful, mind. Just laughing at the scoops.)

  18. 3e3op88 says:

    :20 “Press the buh-en…” The woman doing the voiceover needs to work on her pronunciation.

  19. willyp2k says:

    Soooo expensive, average cost for regular pod is $0.67 for my Vue. /sarcasmoff I bought a $200 coffee machine, not gonna complain about the price on pods. Average cost of Folgers Colombian is $0.53 / oz. Vue pod has .31 oz of coffee, so you are still spending $0.16 on coffee with this device.

  20. Ryan X says:


  21. priestpilot says:

    So you can spend like $200 for a Keurig machine plus $10 for this…or you can just buy a French press for $10-$20 that will brew great coffee!

  22. priestpilot says:

    Exactly, I just left a comment about using a French press which basically does this. I’ve been using that for years now and I’d never go back to a regular drip machine or a single-serve machine. That is unless I want espresso, then I have my machine for that :-)

  23. priestpilot says:

    I understand your frustration!

  24. paisteboy says:

    It’s called “My K cup”. A k-cup is what all of the pre-filled coffee pods for a Keurig are called. I have a My k-cup and I bought it when I bought my Keurig. I used the samples that came with the machine but have never bought a single K-cup. I’ve had the machine for about 2 years now.

  25. TheWoodsOfWonderland says:

    This is intended for the Keurig machine, they’re just avoiding dropping the brand name. I don’t think they sell a resuable cup though.

  26. Helyanwee says:

    0:44 that is soooooo not espresso……

  27. CL B says:

    Dollar stores also sell knockoffs of pretty much this exact same thing for like $3.

  28. LoveSongOfAVampire says:

    For people that want this, packs of 4 are sold at Target for $10 :) That way if you don’t like it, it’s easy to return.

  29. Tinkltinklburger says:

    Ha they said EXpresso

  30. Tinkltinklburger says:

    Stop bitching about how this product is so good you copied cafe cup who copied kurig

  31. IEDspecial says:

    Looking for an infomercial product that has the filter on a spoon and you just swirl it around in the hot water in your cup and walla you have a cup of coffee… Anyone seen or no the name of this product.

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