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Todays review focuses on Light relief. Light Relief uses infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) to direct a powerful stream of warm therapeutic light deep into tissues. This increases circulation and relieves aches, pains and stiffness in muscles and joints. Light Relief increases blood flow to sore tissues so you can enjoy the freedom, comfort and flexibility you once enjoyed.

Light Relief Benefits

  • Light Relief eliminates muscle and joint pain and improves flexability.

  • Light Relief is safe, nontoxic, and FDA cleared.

  • Light Relief increases blood flow to tissues to promote healing.

  • Does Light Relief really work?

    Extensive testing has shown that Light Relief works as advertised when used as directed by the manufacturer’s directions. It has been shown to bring relief to many people with various types of pain.

    Light Relief Complaints

    Like all popular products that are sold on television, Light Relief has had some complaints. Of the few we could find, the main issue was mixed results in the level of relief achieved by the product. The overwhelming positive comments from those who suffer from pain seem to put the few complaints into proper perspective. It should be noted that Light Relief holds an outstanding A- rating with the Better Business Bureau

    Light Relief Customer Comments

    “I’ve had chronic nerve pain in my toes for years now and have tried steroid shots, acupuncture, and oral pain medication. Nothing has worked. At my wits’ end, I decided to try Light Relief after seeing an infomercial on TV. I didn’t have too many expectations that it would work, considering that I had tried many other remedies to no avail. To my great surprise, after using the Light Relief for some weeks, I experienced a decrease in the pain level and this has continued. I am very, very happy with my Light Relief. ”

    – LB

    “I have nerve pain in toes and arthritis in hand when these act up Im stopped. This machine has been wonderful. stops the pain the first time every time. one 15 min application and Im pain free.”

    – I Bridges

    “This little device is one of those products you see on infomercials and just know can’t possibly work. At least that’s what I thought until a friend of mine recommended it for stiff knees. I decided to give it a try and got significant relief after the first application. I use it for stiffness, muscle strain, over doing work-outs, etc. and it hasn’t let me down yet. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to try a non-pharmaceutical, non-toxic approach to pain relief.”

    – E Hill

    Light Relief Warranty Information

    Light Relief comes with a 30 day money back guarantee minus shipping and handling. It also has a 2 year replacement warranty.

    Click here to buy Light Relief

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