My Lil Pie Maker Commercial

My Lil Pie Maker Is No Longer Available CLICK HERE To Purchase Similar Items



My Lil Pie Maker Is No Longer Available CLICK HERE To Purchase Similar Items

My Lil Pie Maker™ is Perfect for:
Fruit Pies
Pot Pies
and More

Order Now and you will receive:
2 Pie Makers
2 Spatula
2 Riser
2 Pie cutters
2 Instruction/recipe guide

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142 comments on “My Lil Pie Maker Commercial
  1. TheVioletDobbins says:

    Me: You think this is funny?As Seen on TV: In a cosmic sort of way, yes.Me: Well Mr. Funny man, is this how you get your sick kicks? *Holds up My little pie maker*As seen on tv: What its just an ordinary prod- OH MY GOODNESS!!! PINKIE PIE!!!!

  2. x1ic1x says:

    Who the fuck pays 25$ for a small pie?

  3. peacefulinvasion says:

    :D THis is a great invention. I only have a toaster oven so i cannot cook a giant pie.

  4. scarlettrheon says:

    This reminds me for pushing daisies.

  5. peacefulinvasion says:

    How about cheesecakes? How does it work with baking cheesecakes?

  6. karen henriquez says:

    store bought pies can be expensive? i dnt think so only like $5 lol not $30

  7. karen henriquez says:

    oo and notice on 0:25 they say perfect fit pies the pie on the left back the filling is comming out of the hole lol yup perfect pies alrite XD lol

  8. directioner4ever8 says:

    i read that in plankton’s and that other fish;s voice

  9. MrIPhonemaniac says:

    what the fuck?

  10. flora2378 says:

    ITS 10.00

  11. Rayen Jonston says:

    just get the mini pie tins.there usually in the same isle as foam bowls,foam cups ect…the most you will pay is 5$

  12. kuteasabutton56 says:

    How long did you think about this?

  13. DeoxysDNA says:

    slightly bigger than cupcakes actually.

  14. SuperLMFAOgirl says:

    lol /)

  15. angelcake318 says:

    I have too much free time….

  16. brentfan19 says:


  17. brentfan19 says:


  18. karen henriquez says:


  19. karen henriquez says:

    they said perfect pies!! >:(

  20. EeveelutionStorm says:

    How about a FUCK YOU ASSHOLE pie?

  21. trinsmom353 says:

    My little pie,My little pie,aaaaaaAAAAAAMy little pie!I used to wonder what pastries could be,my little pie,until you all shared its filling with me. Light blueberries,peach cobbler,a light whip cream,apple pie too,butterscotch,its an easy feat,and pears make it all complete!My little pie,did you know you’re all my very best ddiiiiiissshhh! 3

  22. HasteforTaste says:

    i wonder what your pies taste like?

  23. EeveelutionStorm says:

    Dude…My original post was an ASDF movie joke..Do you take all of these video’s so personally? And for the record my pie’s are delicious.

  24. StrickenRecord says:

    I have once. It was some uber fancy pie and was a hefty size, think it was a silk chocolate pie of sorts.

  25. Lydia Washington says:

    irony at its finest; i had to wait for the advertisement before watching the one i chose to see…. lol

  26. trixy reed says:

    do i really like to watch infomrshals that much that i subed them?…yes

  27. maxodin231 says:

    Best song in the whole internet.

  28. AmSay8D says:

    So does Dean Winchester.

  29. Ariel Brosch says:

    Why wouldn’t you just use a cupcake pan?!

  30. HasteforTaste says:

    sorry it was just a little joke

  31. EeveelutionStorm says:

    Didn’t look like it to me.

  32. sweetiepea13 says:

    im pretty sure that pie makers are NOT 150 dollars

  33. Musty Khist says:

    This is something Dean needs.

  34. brandonvotaw says:

    all you do is preheat oven to 400 degrees and bake for 20 minutes and let them cool for 2-3 minutes

  35. Shalom Fad says:

    Aren’t these basically overcompicated muffin tin thingies?

  36. SonicGirl1991 says:

    and paula deen!

  37. obelleblue says:

    I might get this just so I can tell this to my friends (who get the reference of course) : I baked you apie! Oh boy! What flavor? PIE FLAVOR!! *Brother does guitar riff in backround*

  38. yumerch says:

    asdfmovie reference (comment below me)

  39. Annie Nguyen says:

    who needs this? rather just use muffin pans..

  40. sam manchester says:

    this sounds a lot more like recipe suggestions than product features

  41. Najma Jama says:

    You ruined it…

  42. SonicGirl1991 says:

    yep… lol

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