Little Birdie Plant Monitor As Seen On TV Commercial



Excerpts from the official Little Birdie website…

Little Birdie™ Plant Monitor – Handcrafted Birds Sing When Plants Need Water!

Each one is an attractive, hand-crafted conversation piece, and each one sings an authentic song every time your plant needs water.
Monitors your plants’ moisture and sings when your plant needs water
Automatic Light Sensor — Will not sing at night

When ordering today, you will receive the Little Birdie™ Plant Monitors, including 1 Finch and 1 Cardinal for just $14.95 + $7.95 P&H, plus we will include two more, the 1 Blue Jay and 1 Robin for FREE, just pay the additional $7.95 P&H.
*State tax may apply.
**An additional $10 p&h is added for items sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.
Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Little Birdie Plant Monitor? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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17 comments on “Little Birdie Plant Monitor As Seen On TV Commercial
  1. h36564 says:

    Um ok

  2. mrmrzoozila says:

    You know your’re not capable of children if you need a bird to tell you when to water your plants

  3. zebra2791 says:

    or just use aqua globe and you wont have a bird anni

  4. zebra2791 says:

    annoying the heck out of you

  5. warsy26 says:

    0:11 what the fuck is this bitch expecting to hear

  6. JonzeyGears says:

    A heart beat?

  7. kittylovingurl16 says:

    wouldn’t the plants wilt at night?

  8. Artemis Carter says:

    “They shrivel up and die.”

  9. jmovlogs says:

    Well, children have the same kind of mechanism called crying.

  10. cnredd says:

    If I were on a jury for a murder case, and the defendant’s excuse was that he killed his wife because she brought a Little Birdie Plant Monitor, I would not convict…Political Wrinkles dot com…Join us now!

  11. time903 says:

    This is kinda cool. Although, I’ve seen a bunch of these all over.

  12. WingedSoulies says:

    This is pathetic :(

  13. WingedSoulies says:

    What?! LOLS

  14. Mau506 says:

    1:13 You’re not supposed to sleep with plants!!!

  15. DARLAN DAVIS says:

    Oooohhh. I gotta have it.

  16. jesan18ful says:

    What if you have air plants

  17. azntranc3951 says:

    Maybe there’s a Little Birdie Child Monitor to tell you when to feed your child? (you know, just in case you didn’t hear their crying)

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