Loudmouth Leo Commercial And Review

Loudmouth Leo can be purchased at www.loudmouthleo.com or CLICK HERE to shop for similar items on Amazon.com



Loudmouth Leo can be purchased at www.loudmouthleo.com or CLICK HERE to shop for similar items on Amazon.com

From the official website…

Everyone loves Loudmouth Leo — he will be the life of any party and best friend to any child. He talks, dances and sings. Plug him into any headphone jack and you’ll hear and see Loudmouth Leo perform. Leo works with music devices, tablets, computers and cell phones.

But that’s not all! Plug Leo into your cell phone and it talks for you or read your child a story at night with audio books! Use the Promo Code “LEO” and you can get Loudmouth Leo for only $29.99 plus $7.99 s&h.
That’s 25% off the regular price!!!

Loudmouth Leo Customer Service

Customer Service #: 1-800-634-1496

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST

Please wait at least 48 hours for your order to be processed before placing your call.

Loudmouth Leo Review

About once every five years or so the great toy thinkers revisit the idea of selling a fun little music speaker that dances and talks to the beat of the music. Loudmouth Leo is this cycle’s newest product and it’s a load of fun!

Loudmouth Leo easily plugs in to your mp3 player, iPad, or phone. Once set up and turned on, (he does need batteries,) he is ready to go.

Kids love Loudmouth Leo’s bouncy dancing style and will be begging to plug it in to anything with a speaker jack to share the fun with all of their friends.

The one downside to Loudmouth Leo is his battery usage. (He uses 3 “AA” batteries at a time.) This wasn’t an issue for us as our kids have a Wii so we have several rechargeable batteries available at all times.

Overall, we rated Loudmouth Leo 4 out of 5 stars for his ability to delight little ones AND adults! But what do YOU think about Loudmouth Leo? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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107 comments on “Loudmouth Leo Commercial And Review
  1. RisingVictor says:


  2. RisingVictor says:

    Just plug him into your shitty phone or your first gen ipod and….. Lets get fucked!

  3. r lizcano says:


  4. misssbutterfly1 says:

    It’s the phone call you can hug???

  5. hotelmario510 says:

    holy shit, you call dis music?

  6. Amanda Morgantini says:

    “you know i can vibrate” *gasp*

  7. rivanianx says:

    It’s 1 AM! Time to wake up! Blurhg.

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