Lumi Doh Is Stretchy Glow In The Dark Fun!

The Lumi Doh offer is no longer available. CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items



The Lumi Doh offer is no longer available. CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items


Lumi Doh Product Information

Lumi Doh is the doh that glows! Lumi Doh is fun and easy to use. Imagine and possibilities are endless! Lumi Doh shines, stretches and never leaves messes! Lumi Doh stretches like rubber and glows under water. Order yours today.

Lumi Doh Features:

  • Stretches like rubber & molds like dough
  • Glows brightly in the dark and has a glossy shine
  • Never leaves messes & never dries out
  • Non-toxic, antibacterial and washable
  • You can bake it to make your creations permanent

  • Lumi Doh Offer Details:

    When Ordering Today, You Will Receive Lumi Doh In 5 GLOWING COLORS (Clear, Green, Pink, Magenta And Blue) for just $19.99 +$7.99 P&H. Plus you will receive the BONUS Black Doh, Playmat, Star Shape Cut Outs & Non-Stick Baking Sheet – Fore FREE!
    Plus we will double you offer for FREE, just pay the separate $7.99 P&H.
    This offer is covered by our 30- Day Money Back Guarantee less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA.
    Please allow 6 to 8 weeks delivery

    Lumi Doh Customer Service Information:

    Lumi Doh
    14958 Ventura Blvd #104
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

    Customer Service #: 800 372 6040 ext 204
    Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm PST
    Please wait at least 48 hours for your order to be processed before placing your call.

    Lumi Doh Returns

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Less S&H). Return via USPS to address listed below. Please include your complete name, address, daytime telephone number and email address inside the return package when returning your item.

    Please send all returns to:
    6608 Birchton
    West Hills, CA 91307

    *Please allow 10 days from receipt of your return for credit to be processed.

    The Lumi Doh offer is no longer available. CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items

    What are YOUR thoughts about Lumi Doh? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    22 comments on “Lumi Doh Is Stretchy Glow In The Dark Fun!
    1. daciadhia phoebehana says:

      first comment

    2. simonli2575 says:

      Your mom must be so proud right now.

    3. simonli2575 says:

      Not so clever concept, retarded commercial.2/10 Would not watch.

    4. geral spiee says:

      I want this

    5. Garrus Vakarian says:

      and first person to die.

    6. simlover00 says:

      this is worth buying

    7. irken24 says:

      Why does the quality on this video look so bad? Also, Lumi Doh looks weird but cool.

    8. Tinkltinklburger says:

      The thumbnail looks like she just got prego

    9. mrmrzoozila says:

      They don’t turn the light off. They put on a black light -_-

    10. TheAsSeenOnTVBlog says:

      The original video had a small resolution.

    11. bong-e says:

      Looks great! Can’t wait to buy this cooooool doh!

    12. Jonn Park says:

      innovative kids item! Kids will love it forever!

    13. Tinkltinklburger says:

      The kids dis not make those things they just got the crap and did crap with it for this crap

    14. Amalia Meilita says:

      i want it actually

    15. Lol06124 says:

      Shine bright like a lumi doh.

    16. daciadhia phoebehana says:

      Haha not funny at all

    17. Garrus Vakarian says:

      I know. It’s just that it’s so annoying.

    18. daciadhia phoebehana says:

      you annoying

    19. Garrus Vakarian says:

      Oh, now I know why you’re trying to insult me, because you’re the one who posted the comment. It was just a joke. Deal with it.

    20. hanna agerbo says:

      how are kids so good at making those animals and shit, id have troubles making a circle

    21. MMDAMV says:

      I want this. I am almost sixteen years old, and I want this.

    22. D Jakubowski says:

      I’m 28 and I want this.

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