Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh 30 Second Review

Magic Mesh As Seen On TV Today we give our honest 30 second review of the Magic Mesh screen.

Magic Mesh is a door cover that instantly opens and magically snaps closed behind you using 18 strategically placed magnets. It allows you to let the fresh air in and the bugs out without having to worry about opening and closing the door. Installation is a snap as you only have to attach special velcro strips along the top of your door. It can be used season after season, saving you time and money!

Magic Mesh Pros

  • Lets fresh air in and keeps bugs out!

  • Allows for hands free opening and closing using special magnets.

  • Installs in seconds

  • Magic Mesh Cons

  • It only fits standard size sliding doors.

  • The magnets will rarely stick to a nearby metal door if present. (This is easy to fix and causes a minor inconvience.)
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    79 comments on “Magic Mesh
    1. sxygothica says:

      i have one too but mine doesnt work :(

    2. YametePlease says:

      [..YouTube..] How exactly is this a ‘must’ for sliding doors?

    3. YametePlease says:

      How exactly is this a ‘must’ for sliding doors?

    4. [..YouTube..] Do you have a house?

    5. girlyteengirl101 says:

      Do you have a house?

    6. scooterguy20 says:

      this is so bs

    7. 13rumen says:

      Dont buy it

    8. 5KR1LL3xF4N says:

      when we have a door and it slams it may be annoying but when we get those then we would hear that damn annoying clicks of the magnets!

    9. donnk says:

      Are you stupid?

    10. Tackman314 says:

      ‘The secret really isn’t magic’…well fuck.

    11. gigitv736 says:

      I just got this!

    12. pandasrawr101 says:

      I don’t know why, but I really enjoy the clicking sound that the magnets make…

    13. Jack Daniels says:

      This is actually pretty smart.

    14. Thenewmhrules1234 says:

      seems smart

    15. mangorigabby says:

      0:29 NOOOOOOOOO.

    16. Sean Walsh says:


    17. Carrie Jeske says:

      Learn to invent products for TV with Inventive Ideas.

    18. shelbyy16336 says:

      And you can never ever sneak out of your house.

    19. TroyanBerry says:

      As I saw the title of this video I first read “Magic Mush”(-room)

    20. GothVamp669 says:

      I could probably make this myself for 10 bucks

    21. Dylan Ostrander says:

      My dog tries to walk through the sides lol

    22. gircakes says:

      Is it bad that I kinda want this? I’m kinda afraid of bugs (mainly flys they annoy the fuck out of me). I won’t buy it though just because most as seen on tv products don’t work.

    23. MikuMikuMiku100 says:

      Why not put screens on your windows and open those?

    24. Katiereimer66 says:

      “The secret isn’t really magic.” Well why is the product called Magic Mesh then?

    25. JC Denton says:


    26. azzaz691 says:

      “The secret isn’t real magic” Anyone over the age of 8 who thought that it was needs to be shot Ol Yeller style.

    27. KaoFamJK says:

      $19.95 for 2 Magic Mesh, that’s less than $10 each…

    28. Kyle Minardi says:


    29. Irishguy45 says:

      The Insane Clown Posse had their minds blown by this product.

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