Make Perfect Bacon Cups Every Time With The Bacon Basket!




Bacon Basket Product Information

Everything is better in a Bacon Basket! Bacon Basket cooks bacon to perfection in the oven, microwave, and the toaster oven too! Bacon Basket makes bacon the star of every dish. And it’s not just for bacon! You can make mouth watering bread bowls for pizza bites, soups, stews, and more!

How to Use The Bacon Basket:
• Simply wrap your favorite cut of bacon around the Bacon Basket
• Pop it in the microwave or oven to cook
• Then you’ll be serving up savory Bacon Basket dishes in no time!

OFFER DETAILS: Buy two Bacon Baskets for only $10.00 plus $6.95 P&H and get another two Bacon Baskets for FREE! Plus, get the BONUS Everything’s Better in a Bacon Basket Cookbook and the EXCLUSIVE I Heart Bacon Basket Pin absolutely FREE, just pay additional $6.95 P&H.

The total cost when you order would be $23.90 if you order “1” set. (Expect sales tax in some states.)

Taxes may apply.
Continental US, AK, HI, PR, VI, & GU orders only.
Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have your information.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


What are YOUR thoughts about the Bacon Basket? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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99 comments on “Make Perfect Bacon Cups Every Time With The Bacon Basket!
  1. nishihs says:

    Can I put bacon in a bacon bowl?

  2. xgotmyvansonx says:

    “serve up the perfect portion in a bacon bowl!” *has four bacon bowls full of mac and cheese* damn girl

  3. Zackmod23 says:

    All I could hear is bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon!

  4. apcp2002 says:

    Every thing is good in it even ice cream

  5. Wolffe Crowe says:

    She says bacon so many times, it’s torture. I have none in my house.

  6. wowinim says:

    “Everything’s better in a bacon bowl!”I seriously doubt cereal is better in one.

  7. RiddickCub says:

    Just tried it. It’s way better.

  8. Mau506 says:

    She said “bacon” 30 times.

  9. AmberFyre1 says:

    eww no thanks

  10. mrmrzoozila says:

    How can you be on a diet and eat bacon. It’s fucking bacon

  11. bohemiancat X says:


  12. Hillary Vo says:

    How is that going to put me on a diet

  13. WatchingOctopus says:

    Does it also come with that loud crunch?

  14. AndyMacProGamer says:

    @0:53 the fuck is that, Hunchback Quasi Moto?

  15. AndyMacProGamer says:

    holy crap anyone see floating teeth @ 0:54 ?

  16. xelaraque says:

    Since when are carbs unhealthy?

  17. kmac720 says:

    They aren’t in small doses. The problem is most people eat WAY to many carbs.

  18. xelaraque says:

    55% of your caloric intake should be carbs. If anything people eat too much protein and fat.

  19. kmac720 says:

    Haha, okay. I dropped 15+ pounds when I started watching my carbs. I went from like 20% body fat to 12%. Helped a friend lose over 60lbs simply by going lower carb. I don’t believe in zero carbs, but saying 55% should be carbs is laughable. Where are you getting this information?

  20. xelaraque says:

    The 55-35-10 rule concerning carbs, protein and fat is pretty much the most basic piece of knowledge in nutrition. Read it in pretty much any book on the matter or on wikipedia.Also, its true that you can lose weight with a low carb diet, same with low protein or low fat. The fact that you equate diets that will help you lose weight with diets that are the most healthy is ludicrous.

  21. kmac720 says:

    A couple things here:Wikipedia is not a source. I can edit the page to say eating glass is good. (It’s just for general reference.)In addition, the 55-35-10 rule is very out dated, (or the more common 55-30-15.) Mainstream nutrition recommendations are a joke, and based on very old poorly done, very outdated studies. Google this: “11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition.” Carbs should be about 30-35% tops for the typical diet.

  22. xelaraque says:

    Wiki is never a credible source and meat is super healthy, sure. Bye

  23. kmac720 says:

    You finally came to your senses. Now eat bacon, and have a six pack. It’s easy.

  24. Rachel Zhang says:

    Epic meal time should see this

  25. Zidabrine1 says:

    bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon baconnnnnnn bacon bacon

  26. jake hansbury says:

    because its too hard to flip over a muffin tin

  27. fakkunamae says:

    so you have a bunch of blog sites and .com web pages that say it. how about an actual scientific study? no? yeah didn’t think so.

  28. Brian Teli says:

    I just want the pin.

  29. kmac720 says:

    There are actually many. The entire low-fat diet is based on horribly ran old studies.

  30. big mastah Max says:

    WHat is this product called?

  31. supercs2006 says:


  32. Justin Salinas says:

    At least this one has no exaggerations.

  33. Vincent Fung says:

    the crunch is so fake…

  34. Kenneth Liu says:

    They are Baconlicious!!

  35. SugarCoatedKitten says:

    all my life I’ve had this empty feeling inside. I was never quite sure what my life was missing, until now. bowls made of bacon.

  36. Alessandra McCutcheon says:

    U Americans don’t know how to do bacon you supposed to have it soft go to England or Ireland and eat the REAL bacon

  37. Pac Gabe says:

    Make a bacon weave out of half strips of… well, bacon,and put it in a muffin tin, and boom. Bacon bowl.

  38. joe gill says:

    lol what ever works lol!!

  39. kileydirectioner says:


  40. kileydirectioner says:


  41. jazminarroyo1994 says:

    Why are people commenting “‘Murica” hell we think it is stupid too-

  42. kileydirectioner says:

    jazminarroyo1994, people are commenting that because a lot of Americans eat bacon and are fat, and this is an American product. So, once again, MURICA

  43. FourMinerz says:

    yum yumm takes like diabetes

  44. yumerch says:

    commercial: everybody loves bacon!vegetarians: not us…

  45. aleighachan says:

    The guys from epic meal time have made it into the world of telly shopping!

  46. xstilldreamingxox says:


  47. Lucy K. says:


  48. TanjaTheCutest says:

    Or you can simply flip a Muffin Pan.

  49. Livz Fivz says:

    What if I don’t like bacon? :(

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