Micro Boom Is The Little Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Big Sound!


Excerpts from the official MicroBoom Bluetooth Speaker website…

MicroBOOM is the little, portable Bluetooth speaker with Big Sound & Hands Free Calling.

– Bluetooth™ up to 30 feet
– Durable, solid aluminum construction
– Convenient hands free calling with built in noise isolation mic
– Crystal clear voice transmission
– Simple one-time Bluetooth™ device pairing
– State of the art acoustic Hi-Fi sound
– Audio cable & USB charging cable included

Order now and get your MicroBOOM for only $29.99 plus FREE shipping and handling. Select from Classic Black, Aqua Blue or Coral Pink. 60 Day Guarantee!

Tax will apply to all NJ orders.

If you have specific questions about the status of your order, please call our Customer Service line at 862-437-1111 extension 14 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday EST.

What are YOUR thoughts about the MicroBoom Bluetooth Speaker? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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11 comments on “Micro Boom Is The Little Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Big Sound!
  1. utubeb14 says:

    So many of these things around. I guess they sell well.

  2. noah49251 says:


  3. Bret Silva says:

    The days of blasting music out of a portable boom box are behind us, and while some companies still offer retro jambox wannabes for iPods , the best way to free your music from the aural confines of an MP3 player is with a portable Bluetooth speaker .

  4. Robbin Michelle says:

    This one sounds great and allows you to answer calls. For only 29.99!

  5. Jorge Borbor says:

    I Like Micro Boom For My Zune Pod, iPod And iPad

  6. Edi says:

    I really wanna see Shane’s review on this infomercial ^^

  7. beefee102 says:

    why would you use this thing to listen to music in a car that nice? Further, why would you haul this thing around if your cell phone is too big to “lug” around?

  8. Gillian Gravett says:

    You can get one of those at Walmart for $19.99

  9. Joshua Pickett says:

    Lug your device? Piss off, that probably weighs more than a phone anyway

  10. Brad Arnett says:

    Is this a Beets Pill made by Beets by Dray?I think it is and I want to have that base.

  11. Lily Bart says:

    0:05 Nobody does that.

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