Milk Magic Commercial As Seen On TV



Excerpts from the official Milk Magic Website…

Forget long lines and high prices at the coffee shop! You can make delicious, gourmet, foamy coffees in no time at all with Milk Magic.

Enjoy the best tasting, foamiest coffee in town right in your own home with Milk Magic! The patent-pending Aero Foam design whips up loads of thick, rich, creamy foam in no time at all. Delicious lattes, cappuccino, iced coffees and more are easy with Milk Magic! Just pour milk, twist the lid closed and shake it to make it!

What are YOUR thoughts about Milk Magic? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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21 comments on “Milk Magic Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. TheiBlaster says:

    But the coffee still tastes like SH**

  2. Juuuugi says:

    i hate dinosaurs in my kitchen :(

  3. FrobroX says:

    I love how they tried to bleep out the woman saying Starbucks.

  4. Prence says:

    Is it wrong that the only ones they showed shaking the “Milk Magic” was females?

  5. kpoplover099 says:

    Lol XD

  6. simlover00 says:

    am i wrong to think this but pl don’t go to coffe shops cuz of the frothy milk??

  7. Notsofunnygirl13 says:

    worse than the shake weight

  8. John Paul says:

    No the shake weight is still worse

  9. YahtefKayi says:

    Mama can come and milk my magic

  10. Krisha Sachdev says:

    $5.00 is not a “fortune”… Just saying…

  11. jesslovesrammstein says:

    If I knew cappuccino machines would eventually turn into dinosaurs, I would have bought one a loooong time ago.

  12. Gamzee Makara says:

    0:37 dude stop what are you doing

  13. trololomosher says:

    A crappy foam maker? Are you kidding?

  14. Alice Nine says:

    when I was a kid,I had a guy tell me that he wanted me to have his magic milk but he went to jail.

  15. howtofaint says:

    And they bleeped it in a way that it sounds like she was going to say “shit.” Well played, Milk Magic. Well played.

  16. dan laesu says:

    sooooo many useful stuff ,we dont even have that money to aford them :((

  17. Alice Nine says:

    some guy online asked if i wanted his “magic milk” i aint falling for this D:

  18. Julie Brooks says:

    I tried to buy this at online (google milkmagicfoamer) DON’T FALL FOR IT!! They take your money and you don’t get ANYTHING! I emailed their “customer service” twice with no response then I called their “customer service” number and they refused to speak to me in english. I hung up and called back 5 times then someone gave me a different 800 number. I called and the lady spoke english but had never heard of Milk Magic. I have filed a dispute with my bank so they can get my money back.

  19. Isaac Clarke says:

    Wow…a whole 5 dollars for coffee…oh no…

  20. Tasnia Chowdhury says:

    A fortune??? for coffee…. Seriously!

  21. dragonfire300 says:

    Yeah! Now gimme my $200!

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