MiracleGro Gro-Ables TV Commercial As Seen On TV



Excerpts from the MiracleGro Gro-Ables website…

An entire garden, in one simple kit!

Your Kit includes 18 Miracle-Gro®
Gro-ables™ Seed Pods™

A Gro-ables® Seed Pod™ provides an ideal growing environment for your seed.
Each Ready-to-Plant Seed Pod™ contains:

Salad Garden Kit -PLUS- Herb Garden Kit
Globe Tomato
Cherry Tomato
Bush Bean
Snap Pea
Loose-Leaf Lettuce (2)
Butterhead Lettuce (2)
Smooth-Leaf Spinach
Romaine Lettuce
Sweet Pepper
Basil (2)
Cilantro (2)
Dill (2)

Growing your Salad
& Herb Garden is as easy as…
Just $29.99!
(includes S&H)
ORDER NOW Limited Time Offer, While Supplies Last!

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13 comments on “MiracleGro Gro-Ables TV Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. tonyantonio2 says:

    lazy asses

  2. simlover00 says:

    i didn’t think these things could get more cheezy, i was wrong

  3. peachy6969 says:

    they can always go more cheezy!

  4. Lisa Nguyen says:

    Wow you cuss alot tonyantonio2

  5. OrcsRDorks says:

    if only they had that for HAIR!

  6. jumpstyleftw says:

    I can’t even grow hair, hahahahaha

  7. mybacondidntstrut says:

    Veggies have something important to say…?

  8. dan laesu says:

    its easy ,take my money :)))

  9. bionicleman051 says:

    0:15 I like to know where my food comes from. So that’s why I bought some seeds from a place I don’t know.

  10. NoWhereman4444 says:

    0:15. So she mean to tell us that she didn’t know where crops came from until now?

  11. flylikeabeetv says:

    I bet those are ultra-genectically modified.

  12. Marion Freeman says:

    Pot herb garden, eh?

  13. azntranc3951 says:

    badum pshhh!

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