My Snoring Solution

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My Snoring Solution is designed to help those with snoring problems as well as those with light to moderate sleep apnea. It is essentially a chin strap that holds the mouth closed while sleeping. My Snoring Solution comes with 2 devices, an American Medical Review DVD – PLUS The 7 Steps to Sleep Success book.

My Snoring Solution Benefits

  • The lightweight, comfortable design makes it easier to sleep compared to similar, bulky products.

  • Rest easy knowing that My Snoring Solution is washing machine safe.

  • Enjoy the feeling of waking up refreshed and without sore ribs from being poked by your spouse!

  • Does My Snoring Solution really work?

    Extensive testing has shown that My Snoring solution does work for most people when used according to the manufacturer’s directions. However, this type of device will not work for 100% of people with snoring problems and those with moderate to extreme sleep apnea. (If you are unsure whether this applies to you, consider trying a less durable and lower priced device such as this
    Snoring Treatment Chin Strap
    before getting something more durable.)

    My Snoring Solution Complaints

    Like many other popular products that have been sold for any period of time, My Snoring Solution has had its fair share of complaints. Most of these come from the details of the 90 day money back return policy. (My Snoring Solutions charges a 25% environmental waste disposal fee when returning their product and specifies USPS Priority Mail as the return carrier.)

    My Snoring Solution Customer Praise

    “I’ve been using it nightly for a little over a month now, and it works great. I’ve found that in the morning my mouth and throat are no longer dry, and I don’t wake myself up with my own snoring anymore.”

    – A Yue

    “This simple device really seems to have reduced my snoring. My husband is sleeping better and I believe I’m getting more sleep, too.”

    – J Kowaski

    “I was very sceptically inclined at first, but then I used it the 1st night to my pleasant surprise finding I got the rest I was looking for! It works and I find I don’t wake myself up because of my snoring anymore.”

    – R Johnson

    My Snoring Solution Warranty Information

    My Snoring Solution comes with a 90 day money back return policy, (minus shipping, handling, and a 25% environmental waste disposal fee.) This product can also be exchanged for a different size as well.

    Click here to buy My Snoring Solution

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