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I love the look of hardwood floors in a house. But I hate dealing with slippery rugs on them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has taken a spill on one over the years. That’s why I was happy to try out Ruggies.

Ruggies are reusable non slip grippers that you place on your rugs. Once applied, it is next to impossible to get the rug to slip.

I’ve tried tape before, but hated the nasty residue left behind on my floors. I’ve also tried cutting strips of the no slip mats that you use for your kitchen cabinets, but ended up with the pieces being played with by my cats. But when I added ruggies to my rugs, my slipping problems disappeared!

Apart from the superior grip with Ruggies, the ability for them to be reused was a HUGE benefit. The material that they are made of reminds me of the stickiness of those reusable lint rollers like Schticky. During my testing, I only reused them around 20 times, but they looked to be good for many more uses than that!

The only downside I noticed with Ruggies was that some of my rugs that had really bad corner curls already wouldn’t lay down very well. (I managed to remedy that a bit by steaming the corners with a steamer and applying Ruggies after everything was dry.)

Overall, Ruggies are a great buy for anyone who has rugs and wants to keep them where you put them.

Product Offer Information From The Ruggies Website

Keeps rugs and mat in place to prevent slips and trips! Reusable rug grippers are easy to use – just press and stick!

RuggiesTM grip so rugs don’t slip
Prevent curled corners, bunches, slips & trips
Press & stick on hard flooring & even carpeting
Tacky Grip Polymer Technology grips the rug, while hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor
Reusable — just wash with soap and water
Won’t leave a sticky residue or damage your floor

Offer Details: RuggiesTM are the easiest way to prevent slips and trips on area rugs and keep your rugs looking neat and tidy. Through this special offer, you get 8 RuggiesTM, enough for 2 rugs, for only $10.00 plus $7.95 P&H. BUT WAIT, now you can buy eight and get another eight FREE! Just pay an additional $7.95 P&H. Plus during this one time web only special, we’ll include a mystery gift, absolutely free!

Offer includes sixteen (16) RuggiesTM and Free Mystery Gift.

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  2. Anastazija Kesegic says:

    second woohooo

  3. xXNightPhantomXx says:

    Not a bad idea! :)

  4. Isaac Clarke says:

    That background music is awesome O_O

  5. simlover00 says:

    this is just one of just a handful of items worth purchasing

  6. Mau506 says:

    Looks like it’s a great product.

  7. MrH2O1998 says:

    Now that you mention O_O

  8. redbom zeroone says:

    That was the fakest funniest fall ive ever seen

  9. MsSunhappy says:

    …i never have any problem with the rugs….

  10. Regan Daniels says:

    These already exist…

  11. Katiereimer66 says:

    0:50 Who puts tape on their rug and their floor like that?

  12. lvvargas4 says:

    I don’t need this i love sliding and falling it makes me laugh

  13. Venus Blue says:

    Lol that fall

  14. josh joseph says:

    There’s no Tape Glue or Sticky Residue

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