Nick And Shane Review: Balloon Bonanza!

The Product: Balloon Bonanza

The Promoter: TeleBrands

The Promise: “The new way to fill & seal water balloons in just seconds!”

The Total Price: $18.98

Balloon Bonanza Product Review

What is Balloon Bonanza?

Balloon Bonanza is a rapid filling water balloon maker that makes 40 water balloons at a time! Simply attach to a hose and turn on the water, and in seconds you’ll have a enough water balloons for an epic water balloon fight!

What Makes Balloon Bonanza A Good Buy?

For us, Balloon Bonanza is a good buy for anyone who wants water balloons quickly and easily! (You can’t get much simpler than turning on the hose!)

Balloon Bonanza Lowest Price

At the time of this writing, the lowest price for Balloon Bonanza is on the official website.

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Where To Buy Balloon Bonanza?

We got our Balloon Bonanza at our local Walmart but we recommend the official website or when buying this currently.

Does Balloon Bonanza Really Work?

Balloon Bonanza does work as advertised, but with a catch. We had a difficult time getting consistent results with each pod of water balloons. We feel that we would get better results the second time around now that we have a better idea on how NOT to fill them!

Balloon Bonanza Review: Our Conclusion

All in all Balloon Bonanza is a decent product. With a bit of practice we were able to get a decent group of water balloons but the learning curve was a bit steep! (This product really shines if you value speed over quality when making a large number of balloons for a water balloon fight!) So if you’re in need of a bunch of balloons in a hurry, be sure to click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Balloon Bonanza today!

What are YOUR thoughts about Balloon Bonanza? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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14 comments on “Nick And Shane Review: Balloon Bonanza!
  1. Arief Indriawan says:

    Pertamax gan! #apasih

  2. Irma Ramos says:

    Hi :)

  3. Katie Wise says:

    1st comment

  4. Ross Zinn says:

    So cool

  5. Sara F says:

    Love both of your shirts next time if u do a diff balloon product please put it on here I’m really curious to see how the other ones are. Thanks

  6. DrewForGames says:

    Even though not all the balloons inflated properly it still looks like a better alternative to filling them one at a time. I’ve had to fill hundreds of them before, it’s not fun. Great video.

  7. PinkProzac16 says:

    The best results I got was when I put them further underwater while you fill them. They get much bigger and a lot fewer “duds”. Jealous of your weather! Here it has been too hot and humid to be outside for more than about an hour or so at a time in the heat of the day, even at the pool or beach (Florida). Ugh! Ready to move back north! TFS!

  8. erica penny says:

    Can you review buncho balloons please!

  9. Synx Itax says:

    Kitty tail!

  10. Rob R says:

    My kids see the commercial for this all the time and desperately want it. I do admit it looks pretty cool and I’m kind of jealous we didn’t have these when I was a kid.

  11. The Shrek swamp Society says:

    I am sad to live in Missouri now.

  12. Tom.K says:

    Is this reusable? I mean, is it possible to re-attach 30 balloons on that again and fill them again or it’s just one-time use? Does it apply on every water balloon or only the ones from actual package?

  13. BulbHead says:

    Hi, Nick and Shane! We are really glad that you tried and liked Balloon Bonanza. We really want kids (and adults too) to enjoy this activity. Nick, we’re also glad you like our stickers. Hold onto those…they may come in handy later. Again, thanks for choosing Balloon Bonanza. -BulbHead

  14. Yolanda Gonzalez says:

    you neeed to leve them more in the water

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