Nick And Shane Review: Qixels Pixel Art Review!

The Product: Qixels

The Promoter: Moose Toys

The Promise: “The Cubes That Fuse With Water!”

The Total Price: $19.99 + S&H

Vault Boy And Fancie Piggy Qixel art made by us!

Vault Boy And Fancie Piggy Qixel Artmade by us!

Qixels are tiny little plastic cubes that stick together when sprayed with water! Simply select a template, place your Qixels and spray them down and let them dry! Now you have a pixelated creation from your imagination!

Qixels come in several different colors and templates and you can even make a freestyle creation! (Like Nick’s Creeper or my Vault Boy!)

Qixels are available via the official website or for even faster service! (That’s where we got ours!)

What are YOUR thoughts about Qixels? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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6 comments on “Nick And Shane Review: Qixels Pixel Art Review!
  1. Irma Ramos says:

    Hi :) again

  2. Amaya Mendoza says:

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  3. Sara F says:

    Love the fast forward juice!

  4. Sara F says:

    Lol how many times nick reached to grab it! ???

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    Hi kitty :)

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