Nick And Shane Review: Teddy Tank!

The Product: Teddy Tank

The Promoter: Telebrands

The Promise: “Tanks for your friendship!”

The Total Price: $10 – $15 plus tax and shipping via various sources.

Teddy Tank Review

What Is The Teddy Tank?

The Teddy Tank is essentially a a plastic fish bowl with a stuffed animal wrapped around it so it appears that the plush has a fish tank for a belly! The Teddy Tank comes in various styles of plush, (Ours was a monkey,) and can be found for around $10-$15 dollars depending on where you purchase it from.

What Makes Teddy Tank A Good Buy?

Teddy Tank would be a good buy for anyone who wants to have a unique looking fish bowl or just want’s a cool way to store or collect stuff. (Candy, for example would be excellent inside a Teddy Tank!)

Teddy Tank Lowest Price

At the time of this writing, the lowest price for the Teddy Tank is at (The big yellow links on this page go to the page for them.)

(Alternatively, you can see if you can find it cheaper at by searching in the box below:)

Does Teddy Tank Really Work?

Yes, Teddy Tank does work as advertised! Nick and I tried it with an electric toy fish and it appears that it can function just fine as a fish tank and especially as a cool candy or trinket bowl!

Teddy Tank Review: Our Conclusion

All in all we enjoyed the Teddy Tank and would recommend it for anyone who wants a great looking candy or treat bowl. (We don’t personally recommend using this as a fish tank as the water and eventual mess of fish flakes in the stuffed animal’s mouth is just gross!)

So if you are looking for a fun new way to display your fish, or just want a great candy bowl, be sure to click on the big yellow box below to get YOUR Teddy Tank today!

What are YOUR thoughts about Teddy Tank? Did Nick and I get it wrong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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8 comments on “Nick And Shane Review: Teddy Tank!
  1. Sara F says:

    Aw man I bought a goldfish Walmart told me I was all set just needed the bowl and food….they were so wrong I found out I needed a way bigger tank and filter and water conditioner/treatment etc it was a lot more than I thought! So I would ever use this as a fish tank and I’m glad you guys didn’t either!!??????????????????????

  2. Isela Najera says:

    It’s fun to watch y’all, keep it up! ????

  3. barookqtr123 says:

    poor fish who live in these small tankswhat a monster is a human !!!!

  4. melstar1ify says:

    Good review guys as always. I don’t think in the UK you are even allowed to have rounded dish tanks but I could be wrong, I’ve heard the fish get confused and upset in them :( Yeah I thought this was a silly product regarding the fish but putting out her things in it is quite cool. Also could I ask possibly how old you both are? You don’t have to awnser that XD I’m just interested:P

  5. markybyeah says:

    That intro is just, no… just no need!

  6. Eduardinho 10 says:

    You guys are going to look back on these videos 10 years from now and ask yourselves “why”

  7. Synx Itax says:

    That’s one of the worst products out there. It’s way too small for a fish, and considering that it’s aimed at kids, there’s an even higher chance that the fish will be forgotten about and then die. Better use it for candy or as a piggy bank or something.Now, I kept bettas in one gallon bowls, but I also made sure to change the water frequently. It’d be much harder to clean this weird thing out.

  8. Nhel Lacap / poor little soul says:

    I notice there’s a big mouth mask that has a Bonnie face from five nights a Freddy’s

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