Nick And Shane Review: The Key Ninja!

The Product: Key Ninja

The Promoter: Vante Entertainment

The Promise: “Expands to fit up to 30 keys!”

The Total Price: $14.99 + tax

Key Ninja Review

This week Nick and Shane review the Key Ninja! Will the Key Ninja really work? Be sure to watch the whole review video to see!

What are YOUR thoughts about Key Ninja? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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5 comments on “Nick And Shane Review: The Key Ninja!
  1. Dick Butt says:

    Good commercial. Your kid is annoying

  2. silentpranks ! says:

    Nick has an iPhone :0

  3. Gracious Waters says:

    Shanes face when Nick throws the cardboard keys :’)

  4. Dave Hodges says:

    had to put a dislike on this one way to much fast forward no real close up on the parts or the item it’s self other then in the package near the start. fingers crossed next weeks will get you guys back on track. first video of yours I’ve given a dislike to. keep up the good work

  5. Chris Parvin says:

    From what I gather from watching the video and reading comments Shane is dad and Nick is son. This was my first time watching a video by you guys. I found it to be entertaining and informative. And excuse me if I’m wrong but it looks as if Nick has a small “tick” which you try to counter by doing these kinds of hands on videos which is genius and I will try to do with my son who has a couple “ticks” of his own. Keep up the good work. Ps during the disassembly maybe do an overhead zoomed in view so we can see how tedious and small the pieces really are. I liked how you used another product by that brand to get the key ninja operational

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