Nick and Shane Review: The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet!

The Product: Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet

The Promoter: Magic Bullet

The Promise: “The 10 Second Healthy Dessert Maker!”

The Total Price: $35-$50 (Various Sources)

Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Review

What is the Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet?

The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet is a frozen fruit treat maker that turns any frozen fruit into a chilly treat! Simply drop in any frozen fruit and the Dessert Bullet turns it into a delicious snack with the consistency of soft serve. (My favorite fruit to use is banana as it blends well with anything and when you add in some vanilla it reminds me of ice cream!)

What Makes The Dessert Bullet A Good Buy?

For me, the Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet is a win as it makes outstanding frozen treats that taste truly great but are as healthy as the ingredients I put into it! Many recipes are gluten free and work great for those with various allergies as well.

Dessert Bullet Lowest Price

At the time of this writing, the lowest price for the Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet is at However, sometimes has this for a better price!

Where To Buy The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet?

We found our Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet on sale at our local Walmart, but it and other great frozen fruit treat makers like Yonanas can be found via and

Does The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Really Work?

Yes! The The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet really does work as advertised. (For best results, just make sure to let your frozen fruit thaw for the proper amount of time before using to protect the motor on the Dessert Bullet!)

Dessert Bullet Review: Our Conclusion

All in all, we really love our Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet! It consistently makes great ice cream like frozen treats that are healthy and kids love it! We not only love this particular frozen fruit treat maker but any of the other brands like Swirlio as well! (I’m just in love with the whole concept!)

So if you have a sweet tooth but you’re wanting to keep your calorie count in bounds, be sure to click that bog yellow box below to get YOUR Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet today!

What are YOUR thoughts about the The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    Yay I’m the one in the video!!!! :)

  4. Sara F says:

    Can you show us a screenshot of how it turned out/looked the “several bananas later”? Not sure if that’s something you could add at the end if you can’t no worries. Oh and maybe if you get a chance show us a pic of one of the other fruits you use that’s a different consistency like the raspberries etc. Thanks for the videos!

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    Also Haley(sorry if I spelled that wrong) looked like the bear was going to eat her head any second!????

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    Y’all should review The Claw????

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