Nick And Shane Review: The Speedminton Fun Set!

The Product: Speedminton Fun Set

The Promise: “The FUN Set for the ultimate fun experience with family and friends even at night.”

The Total Price: $29.99 via the official Speedminton website

Speedminton Fun Set Product Review

(DISCLAIMER: We received a review copy of the Speedminton Fun Set in exchange for our honest feedback.)

What Is The Speedminton Fun Set?

Nick and Shane Review: The Speedminton Fun Set

Nick and Shane Review: The Speedminton Fun Set.

The Speedminton Fun Set is the newest way to get started playing Speedminton. What’s Speedminton you ask? Speedminton is the distant cousin to Badminton which uses a heavier shuttlecock called a speeder and is primarily played outside. It was invented in 2001 in Germany by a man named Bill Brandes and was refined to the final game of Speed Badminton by the company of Speedminton.

When you order the Speedminton Fun Set you’ll get 2 rackets, 2 FUN speeders, and 2 special nighttime glow sticks that can be used to play in the dark!

What Makes The Speedminton Fun Set A Good Buy?

for Nick and I, the Speedminton Fun Set is a good buy due to it’s simple pick up and play anywhere nature! (Not to mention that it is really a ton of fun to play!)

Where To Buy The Speedminton Fun Set?

The Speedminton Fun Set can either be purchased directly from the official Speedminton USA website or via

Speedminton Fun Set Customer Service Information


Does The Speedminton Fun Set Really Work?

Nick and Shane trying out the Speedminton Fun Set

Nick and Shane trying out the Speedminton Fun Set.

Yes, the Speedminton Fun Set works as advertised! It was quite easy to begin to play! We initially didn’t look into the rules until after we had gotten comfortable with volleying the speeder back and forth, but it’s genius lies in it’s versatility of play enviroment!

Speedminton Fun Set Review: What We Liked

  • We liked how easy it was just to pick up and play! (We LOVED not having to set up a net!)
  • We liked the glow sticks that you could insert for night time play!
  • We liked the high contrast color of the speeder as it was quite easy to see in the grass or even when it was whizzing past our heads!

  • Speedminton Fun Set Review: What We Didn’t Like

  • My only trouble with trying out the Speedminton Fun Set was with the speed of the speeder itself. I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the velocity at first. (However, I think it might have had something to do with my lack of playing any racket sports for the past 15 years!)

  • Speedminton Fun Set Review: Our Recommendation

    BUY IT!! All in all we had a wonderful time testing out the Speedminton Fun Set and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants a fun and easy to play game for their beach or party bag! (We personally liked ours so much that we are looking into buying the competitive version!)

    So if you like to play outdoors and are looking for a fun racket sport to play, why not order a Speedminton Fun Set today and get in the action!

    What are YOUR thoughts about The Speedminton Fun Set? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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