Nick And Shane Review: Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder

The Product: Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder

The Promoter: Yellow Beaks

The Total Price: $25.95 via

Disclosure: Nick and I received compensation for an honest review of this product. (No worries though, because you still get our honest opinions!)

Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder Product Information

What Is The Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder?

20150902_115248 The Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder is essentially a clear acrylic plastic bird feeder that attaches on your window with 3 easy to mount suction cups. It is designed for you to get a closer look at the birds that come to visit when they feed. Also included with your order is a link to a nice bird watching guide as well! (Click Here To See The Bird Watching Guide)

What Makes The Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder A Good Buy?

For Nick and I, the main attraction of the Yellow Beaks Bird feeder is it’s ability to be mounted on any window for up close bird watching! (Our cat’s really enjoy the view as well but we have to keep them from jumping up at them!)

Does The Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder Really Work?

Yes, the Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder does work as advertised! In our case, we initially had a bit of a hard time getting birds to visit. But after following some placement suggestions in the bird guide we were successful!

Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder Review: What We Liked

  • We loved the design!
  • We loved how easy it was to set up and to move!
  • We loved being able to see our local wildlife close up!

  • Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder Review: What We Didn’t Like

  • We had a difficult time getting birds at first until we tried some new placement suggestions.

  • Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder Review: Our Conclusion

    All in all we really liked our experience working with the Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder! It truly is designed well and even after our initial frustration of getting birds to visit, the reward of seeing them up close was well worth the wait! We plan on keeping our Yellow Beaks on the first floor and can’t wait for this winter to see what other birds come to visit!

    So if you love watching birds, or just want a fun way to get just a little closer to nature, be sure to do yourself a favor and click that big yellow box below to get YOUR Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder Today!

    What are YOUR thoughts about The Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder? Did Nick and I get it wrong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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