Nick and Shane Visited Vat19 and All We Got Was This Sweet Stuff!

So Nick and I recently discovered that the curiously awesome website is headquartered in the St. Louis area. (For those who don’t know, Vat19 is a merchandise website that specializes in fun and unique items with witty and hilarious YouTube videos!) So on a recent visit we were able to take a tour and meet some of the folks who make it happen!

Nick and Shane with Eric after our awesome Vat19 tour!

Nick and Shane with Eric after our awesome Vat19 tour!

Walking in the door to Vat19 was a little like going back in time. The reception area is covered in natural wood and there is a groovy little indoor garden and even a wood encased TV. (This made total sense after we learned of the building’s history!) Nick and I made ourselves comfortable in the over sized wicker furniture and waited for who turned out to be Eric for our tour. (Eric was most recently seen in the Tiny Hands video as “Jiminy Rickets!”)

Eric was a very gracious host and started out by giving us a little history of the building. Apparently, it used to be the production studio for Anheuser-Busch where they made most of their commercials. (At one time it was the largest sound stage in St. Louis!)

Next off Eric led us to his work area where he described the process for getting the videos produced and on the web. (I love how it is set up where everyone has primary jobs but also handle various other things as well.)

On our way to the central studio space we ran into Vat19’s leader Jamie! (He is super nice by the way!) We talked business and fun and even got to discuss a few items he was looking at to add later this year!

Next up was the studio. And I kid you not the space was massive! (Anyone who makes videos on YouTube would be instantly jealous!) They have several different room sets and are always making more based on what they need for their videos. (I was under the impression that they were using someone’s house!) They also have a massive green screen set up as well a few different still photography stations for the beauty shots for the products. (They were shooting a soda when we came in.) Just off the main studio space was a massive prop room as well. (These guys are set up great!)

Our next stop was the warehouse area were we got to meet the folks filling orders and do some shopping for ourselves. (They have this sweet little shopping cart set up and you just go up and down the counters and choose what you want to buy!) We picked up several items that you can see in the Vat19 Haul video above!

We dropped off our merchandise to be tallied and then met up with Adam who had just finished up work on the Tiny Hands video. We got a sneak peek before it was uploaded and got to chat a bit about his work flow when video editing.

Our last stop on the tour was the little office area where Jamie films the Awesome Time videos. Nick got to sit on the gummi couch and do the Vat19 jingle. (It has not come out yet, but we’ll put a link up when it does!)

On they way out the door Nick and I posed for a quick photo with Eric and said our goodbyes. (I even got to rock the Workaholic’s Bear Coat!)

All in all we had a great time visiting Vat19. They are a great group of people and we had a blast with the tour! Be sure to check in over the next few weeks as we will be reviewing just about everything we bought!

Until Then!!!

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    Do more as seen on tv items plz

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    Good video guys keep up the good work.

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