Nick vs Shane Round 2: The Spicy Gummy Challenge!

For this week’s “Not Seen On TV Tuesday” Nick and I challenged each other to the Vat19 Spicy Gummy Pepper Challenge! (Spoiler: We both lost!) Be sure to watch the full video above for some great moments and of course be sure to let us know what you would like to see us do as a challenge or a review next!

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10 comments on “Nick vs Shane Round 2: The Spicy Gummy Challenge!
  1. Otagner says:

    3rd view, first comment! :-)

  2. Erika Uzhca says:

    2 comment

  3. Kaleigh and Abbie says:

    It’s annoying how the mic picks up the annoying gummy chewing

  4. Sara F says:

    I didn’t even know you had another channel! Make sure u tell ppl at the end of ur videos.

  5. Sara F says:

    Every single time I watch your videos my mind always says watch out there’s a bear behind you! Even though I see it in every video!????

  6. Sara F says:

    LOL I’m sorry what’d you say hahaha evil laughter

  7. Sara F says:

    Please tell me you’ve never tasted anything in a urinal!????

  8. silentpranks ! says:

    Why isn’t Nick posting on his second channel?

  9. Nikky98964 says:

    Can you review wubble bubble ball? : )

  10. Nikky98964 says:

    I saw a Bonnie big mouth mask so I was thinking…. What if for not seen on TV Tuesday you guys did a gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy’s!?!? : ) : 0

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